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Football (Soccer) Players Who Play Counter-Strike

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We have a true Festival of Football (or, if you’re American, Soccer) coming to our screens as the Euro and Copa America are happening over the summer. And guess what! We’ve got some players who actually also partake in CS2. We’ve listed some of them on this list, but we’re sure there’s more! Here are the top 7 soccer players who play Counter Strike:

Uroš Račić

Nationality: Serbia | Team: Sassulo | Number: 6

Playing in the Serie A, Račić isn’t the most well known, but he has carved a decent career out for himself, having appeared in 22 games in the last season. In the past, he has admitted to playing Counter-Strike to relax between games when he was playing at Valencia.

Unfortunately, he will not be representing Serbia in the upcoming Euros, after sitting on the bench for their entire 2022 World Cup run.

Neal Maupay

Nationality: France | Team: Brentford (on loan from Everton) | Number: 7

A star known mostly to FIFA/EAFC players and Premier League fanatics, Neal Maupay spent the last season playing for Brentford, helping them narrowly avoid relegation.

We don’t know much about Maupay’s CS2 profile, however, we do know he’s friends with Vitality IGL Dan “apEX” Madesclaire, having played with him on stream in the past. He’ll have some time to do so over the summer as well, as he hasn’t been called up to the French National Team. He’s also eligible to play for Argentina, but no dice there either.

Pontus Jansson

Nationality: Sweden | Team: Malmö FF | Number: 18

Having played for a multitude of Premier League clubs, Jansson recently returned to his homeland to play in Malmö. However, apart from football, he loves Counter-Strike, having streamed the game in the past, and even investing in GODSENT and becoming its co-owner.

Jansson retired from international football in 2020, and he wouldn’t be participating in the Euros anyway, as Sweden failed to qualify this year.

Simon Kjær

Nationality: Denmark | Team: Free Agent (recently AC Milan) | Number: 24

Kjær has been a staple of Danish football for over a decade, and has been a big part of the success of AC Milan in recent years. In his free time, however, he’s been playing a lot of Counter-Strike and even founded his very own esports organization!

He’s also the first of our bunch to be competing this summer, heading to Germany with the Danish national team!

Joakim Maehle

Nationality: Denmark | Team: VFL Wolfsburg | Number: 21

Maehle has made quite a career for himself, becoming a fan favorite in the FIFA/EASFC series, courtesy of his flexibility at wingback. In real-life, he’s quite the player as well, and in his free time, a Counter-Strike fan.

As for international play, he’ll be joining Simon Kjær in Germany this summer.

Andriy Yarmolenko

Nationality: Ukraine | Team: Dynamo Kyiv | Number: 7

One of the more accomplished Ukrainian footballers of recent years, Yarmolenko has played in Germany, Spain, and England before returning to Dynamo Kyiv in his native Ukraine. He clearly loves CS, as he’s competed in a few charity tournaments in the past.

Another player we’ll get to see in Germany, as he’ll be captaining his side, and playing along with…

Oleksandr Zinchenko

Nationality: Ukraine | Team: Arsenal | Number: 35

Steam Profile

Zinchenko is one of the more interesting players on this list, as he’s been a big part of the Manchester City and Arsenal teams over the past few years, all while participating in CS tournaments. Not just the charity tournament mentioned above, mind you, but also an actual pro game! He subbed into a match played by PassionUA, a team he’s an owner of, and put up a respectable 22/26 K/D scoreline. Not bad for a part-timer!

He’s going to be joining Yarmolenko at the Euros, of course.


Nationality: Brazil | Team: Manchester United | Number: 18

One of the most legendary defensive midfielders of our time, Casemiro has won Champions Leagues, La Liga championships, an FA Cup. And all the while, he’s been gaming in Counter-Strike, including running his own esports team.

Casemiro has not been selected for the Copa America.


Nationality: Brazil | Team: Al Hilal | Number: 10

Steam Profile

Neymar is one of the few footballers to have a fully public Steam Profile, which tells us he’s put in nearly 11 thousand hours into Counter-Strike. Quite a result. He also has an inventory, featuring some fun skin choices (like a StatTrak AWP | Wildfire with nearly 5000 kills!). At this point, we just gotta say—he’s one of us.

Neymar will have some time for CS2 this summer, as he’s out of the Copa America due to injury.

That’s all for this one! Who’s your favorite CS2 footballer? Do you know any other football (soccer) players who play Counter-Strike? We know about Lucas Lima, Gabriel Jesus, Felipe Melo, Nicklas Bendtner, but maybe you’ve heard of others? Let us know on our socials, and remember to score some awesome skins on Key-Drop!

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