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The Best Blue Gloves in CS2

KeyDrop Team

Are you blue dabadibadaba? Well, in that case, you might need some blue gloves, and there’s a lot of them. So we’ll present you with all the best blue gloves in CS2, and give you our take on them. We’re not adding prices, since for gloves they’re basically ever-changing. Ready? Let’s go!

1. Moto Gloves | Cool Mint

Moto Gloves | Cool Mint CS2 skin

We start minty fresh. The skin has a bit of a DDPAT feel to near the wrist, and a darker finish around the knuckles. It’s good if you enjoy subtle colors and don’t like over-the-top skins. Subtle and… cool, just like a mint.

Open cases with Moto Gloves | Cool Mint

2. Sport Gloves | Superconductor

Sport Gloves | Superconductor CS2 skin

This futuristic, carbon fiber-esque finish is a real nice addition to all sci-fi loadouts. It’s more black than blue, but nevertheless, we think that they’re a great choice. So, are you ready to head to the future?

Open cases with Sport Gloves | Superconductor

3. Driver Gloves | Lunar Weave

Driver Gloves | Lunar Weave CS2 skin

Despite the sci-fi name, the Lunar Weave gloves are more classic (and perhaps classy) than the Superconductors. Definitely in the matte-teal category of blue, these are great for more minimalistic or medieval-ish loadouts. A safe choice for a calmer vibe.

Open cases with Driver Gloves | Lunar Weave

4. Sport Gloves | Amphibious

Sport Gloves | Amphibious CS2 skin

These gloves are ocean-themed to the max. With the deep, sea-blue theme, they’re great for any loadout and that’s connected to, well… the sea and the ocean. These will look perfect along the likes of M4A4 | Poseidon and other blue CS2 skins, but they will also work if you simply need a very blue look on your fingers.

Open cases with Sport Gloves | Amphibious

5. Specialist Gloves | Mogul

Specialist Gloves | Mogul CS2 skin

These specialist gloves combine blue with camo, and they do it in a rather interesting way. A navy-blue, light blue, white, and gray combination is featured on the back of the gloves, while the palm side goes for a simple blue and gray. These will work great with any type of militaristic loadout, but they’ll also go well with an FBI CS2 agent skin.

Open cases with Specialist Gloves | Mogul

6. Specialist Gloves | Fade

Specialist Gloves | Fade CS2 skin

Ooh! These are fancy. The dark blue exterior, combined with a strong Fade-style element. They’ll work perfectly with a Fade knife skin or any sort of vibrant, multicolored weapon. 

Open cases with Specialist Gloves | Fade

7. Moto Gloves | Polygon

Moto Gloves | Polygon CS2 skin

If you like dark blue tones with a bit of a twist, the Polygon gloves are for you. They’re on the simple side and universal enough to well in a bunch of loadouts, but we would suggest using them with a simple blue or navy-blue weapon, as that’s where they really shine.

Open cases with Moto Gloves | Polygon

8. Specialist Gloves | Field Agent

Specialist Gloves | Field Agent CS2 skin

Similar to the Mogul, but less camo and more pro. These are clearly meant for the FBI faction. Simple, blue with yellow accents and a combination of matte and glossy finishes, this skin is pretty universal and will work well with a variety of loadouts.

Open cases with Specialist Gloves | Field Agent

9. Hand Wraps | Cobalt Skulls

Hand Wraps | Cobalt Skulls CS2 skin

If you want a bit of a T-side edge to your loadout, the hand wraps are an excellent choice. Vibrant blue and simple, these are cheaper than a lot of the gloves we’ve shown so far—but that doesn’t make them any worse. So if you’re looking for a budget option for your next glove purchase, these are definitely worth a try.

Open cases with Hand Wraps | Cobalt Skulls

That’s all for this article—we’ve shown you the best blue gloves in CS2. If you agree with us, let us know on our social media, and if you don’t, well… let us know on social media, too! And if you’re looking for any of the gloves from this article, you can find them on Key-Drop. Good luck!

KeyDrop Team


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