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12 Best CS2 Agent Skins

KeyDrop Team

Agent skins have arrived pretty recently in Counter-Strike, being the last real cosmetic novelty in the last iteration of the game. Now, we have quite a collection of CS2 agent skins to choose from… even if you’re going to be the one who sees them the least.

We’re going to introduce you to some of the most prominent agents (and their various variants) and rank them on a scale of 1 to 10. So, are you ready for some agents?

Let’s start with the many faces of…

1. Sir Bloody Darryl

Sir Bloody Miami Darryl CS2 agent skin

Darryl is a chameleon of sorts with many different skins using his masked persona. We’ve got Sir Bloody Miami Darryl (pictured), Sir Bloody Loudmouth Darryl, Sir Bloody Darryl Royale, Sir Bloody Skullhead Darryl, Sir Bloody Silent Darryl and the lower-tier Bloody Darryl the Strapped.

That’s why, even though he’s part of The Professionals faction, we’re dedicating a separate section to the many faces of Darryl, Bloody Darryl, and we’ll count them as one skin.

That’s a lotta Darryls. And there’s a lot to consider. If you want to show off and aren’t worried about sticking out like a sore thumb on literally every map, then Miami’s the way to go. Beautifully Miami Vice—we love that for those who don’t take the game too seriously.

Faction: The Professionals (T Side) | Steam Price: $20–$75

Our rating: 9/10

2. Safecracker Voltzmann

Safecracker Voltzmann - CS2 agent skin

This is a simple skin, but a cool one nonetheless. With not too many ladies on the T-Side, Voltzmann is a simple, and welcome addition. Cool, but not too over the top.

Faction: The Professionals (T Side) | Steam Price: $12

Our rating: 7/10

3. Getaway Sally

Getaway Sally - CS2 agent skin

The Professionals seem to like the ladies, and Sally is one of the most popular ones, for good reasons. A cool look, red hair. It won’t blend too much, but if you go by her price, she’s beloved by many. A real catch at the Exceptional level.

Faction: The Professionals (T Side) | Steam Price: $50

Our rating: 9/10

4. Crasswater

Crasswater The Forgotten - CS2 agent skin

There are two faces of Crasswater: Medium Rare and The Forgotten (pictured). They’re almost the same in appearance, with The Forgotten featuring more clothes than Medium Rare. Crasswater has the vibe of a character straight from Machete, and it really works for CS. Strangely enough, he may also blend in well on various maps. Pretty cool overall.

Faction: Guerrilla Warfare (T Side) | Steam Price: $12–$17

Our rating: 8/10

5. Vypa Sista of the Revolution

Vypa Sista of the Revolution - CS2 agent skin

If Crasswater is a Danny Trejo type, then Vypa Sista is very much a Michelle Rodriguez type. She fits the Guerrilla Warfare Master Agent well and, similarly, camouflages well, especially on the green-ish pastures of Ancient.

Faction: Guerrilla Warfare (T Side) | Steam Price: $30

Our rating: 8/10

6. ‘The Doctor’ Romanov

'The Doctor' Romanov - CS2 agent skin

This guy has sort of become the face of the Counter-Strike Agents, and no wonder. He’s extremely characteristic and charismatic, and was one of the first skins to arrive. A mad scientist combined with a guerrilla fighter, this guy is just fun.

Faction: Sabre (T Side) | Steam Price: $7

Our rating: 8/10

7. Dragomir

Dragomir - CS2 agent skin

We really like Dragomir. He’s this every-man Terrorist with a really chill look (that blends well on most CS2 maps). When it comes to low-price skins, this is one of the best. Well done, Dragomir.

Faction: Sabre (T Side) | Steam Price: $2–$4

Our rating: 7/10

8. Special Agent Ava

Special Agent Ava - CS2 agent skin

The FBI skins are simple, but Ava was one of the first CS agents, and thus deserves a decent rating. While not perfect, especially camouflage-wise, it’s still a cool skin, and we’ll happily give it a solid seven.

Faction: FBI (CT Side) | Steam Price: $15

Our rating: 7/10

9. ‘TwoTimes’ McCoy

Two-Times McCoy - CS2 agent skin

This skin is probably one of the coolest CTs. The bearded agent really works well, while maintaining a semi-realistic feel, and a scruffy look. Oh, and it blends well on Ancient, so there’s that too.

Faction: TACP (CT Side) | Steam Price: $4

Our rating: 8/10

10. Chem-Haz Capitaine

Chem-Haz Capitaine CS2 agent skin

The captain of the hazardous unit is just a cool, futuristic look. Only really blending on Vertigo, it’s a showy skin, but a showy skin that’s really fun and unique. If you want an over-the-top look, this is our recommendation.

Faction: Gendarmerie Nationale (CT Side) | Steam Price: $12

Our rating: 8/10

11. Chef d’Escadron Rouchard

Chef d'Escadron Rouchard - CS2 agent skin

The Gendarmerie Nationale is the source of some of the best CT skins, and the Chief is no different. She has a really cool hat, tactical armor that will blend decently well on Vertigo, and a French accent that we’re sure you’ll enjoy.

Faction: Gendarmerie Nationale (CT Side) | Steam Price: $13

Our rating: 8/10

12. Primeiro Tenente

Primeiro Tenente - CS2 agent skin

This Brazilian Agent is pretty fun, especially if you play a lot on Ancient, where he fits right in. All green, and with a cool hat, you’ll look good from the outside, and you’ll have some fun looking at your victory poses.

Faction: Brazilian 1st Battalion (CT Side) | Steam Price: $24

Our rating: 7/10

And that’s all! You can win these and other CS2 agent skins on Key-Drop, by the way—open the Agent Case for a guaranteed agent skin. 

Anyway, rating these skins was a hard job, as first-person wise you mostly see sleeves (and most are pretty generic), but we tried to see which ones we feel are the most interesting. Disagree? Feel free to do so on our social media. 

Check out our weapon skin top-picks next, like the best AK-47 skins in CS2 or the top 15 Desert Eagle CS2 skins. And as always, have fun on Key-Drop! 

KeyDrop Team


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