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15 Best CS2 Desert Eagle Skins

KeyDrop Team

Got cash to spend between rounds and not afraid of giving away your position with the loudest bang Dust II has ever experienced? Sounds like it’s Deagle time! Here are our top picks for CS2 Desert Eagle skins—if you’ve taken the time to master the most powerful sidearm in the game, you have to show it off with an impressive skin. 

1. Golden Koi

Price: around $90

A gold Deagle? Why the hell not! Kicking off our list is Golden Koi, adorned from top to bottom with a golden scale pattern. Its flavor text reads “A loud gun in every sense of the word”, and there’s hardly anything to add there, really. 

Golden Koi comes in a fairly small float range of 0.00–0.12, meaning that you can only get it in Factory New and Minimal Wear conditions. High floats will show quite a few scuffs and scratches exposing the black base coat, so go for FN Golden Kois—they’ll only cost you a few extra bucks. Koi fish, by the way, is a type of carp that’s kept in decorative ponds and comes in a range of colors and patterns, including gold. 

Open cases with Desert Eagle | Golden Koi

2. Blaze

Price: $785–$895

From motorbikes to hot rods and, as it turns out, handguns, airbrushed flames make everything cool look even cooler, don’t they? 

This paint job will set you back quite a bit of cash, although interestingly, Factory New Blaze skins tend to be at least $100 cheaper than Minimal Wear ones. The float range here is limited to 0.00–0.08, so there are fewer Blazes in MW condition than in FN, hence the bigger price tags for the “worse” condition. Check out this post if you need to brush up on float and wear conditions in CS2, by the way! 

Open cases with Desert Eagle | Blaze

3. Printstream

Price: $28–$100

Combining black and titanium white with geometric accents and tiny splashes of color, Printstream is modern, eye-catching, and very recognizable. The pearlescent finish means that in-game, the white parts of the gun will reflect light in a way that gives it a more colorful appearance: 

Some love it for its minimalistic-yet-detailed design, others see it as a cool backdrop for their stickers, others still don’t get the appeal. If you’re not in that last group, check out the other Printstream skins in the game: M4A1-S | Printstream and USP-S | Printstream

Open cases with Desert Eagle | Printstream

4. Crimson Web

Price: $6.70–$110

With a dark-red background and a black spider web pattern, Crimson Web is a classic—both in terms of its looks and its age. Added to Counter-Strike in 2014, it’s among the oldest skins in the game, but remains one of the most popular choices for the Deagle. The position of the spider web on the gun depends on each skin’s pattern index. 

If you like the look of this skin, you can get Crimson Web skins for most knives, Specialist Gloves, and several weapons, including the CZ75-Auto, R8 Revolver, and SCAR-20. And check out this post to see the best red skins in CS2 if a red loadout sounds like a good idea! 

Open cases with Desert Eagle | Crimson Web

5. Light Rail

Price: $0.60–$4

As one of the cheapest CS2 skins for the Deagle, Light Rail is also among the most popular. But even though we’ve all seen this skin a million times, it’s worth taking a step back to appreciate it. The yellow-to-orange gradient looks pretty cool, and the patterns that give the weapon a 3D effect are quite impressive and effective: from most angles, it really does look as if the geometry of the gun is different with this skin. If you’re on a tight budget, you can’t do much better than Light Rail. 

Open cases with Desert Eagle | Light Rail

6. Mecha Industries

Price: $3.65–$10

This super-detailed, futuristic design looks like something that came from a lab or a spaceship, or both (a spaceship lab?). It may not look all that impressive at first glance, but the devil’s in the details here. The see-through “window” effect on the grip is particularly cool, with the tiny “Reload” and “Full” markers. And you don’t have to take out a loan to buy it. 

Open cases with Desert Eagle | Mecha Industries

7. Code Red

Price: $16–$80

The simple, timeless combination of black, white, and red works very well on Code Red. This skin starts out a little scuffed, so even with 0 float you’ll still see signs of wear and tear. At high floats, a layer of patina covers the skin, making the colors darker and much less vibrant. 

Open cases with Desert Eagle | Code Red

8. Cobalt Disruption

Price: $70–$92

Cobalt Disruption features a digital disruptive pattern (DDPAT) in shades of blue. When would blue DDPAT come in useful in a combat situation, you may be asking—well, this skin is part of the eSports 2013 Winter Case, so presumably in snowy, icy winter landscapes (which are conspicuously lacking in Counter-Strike). Anyway, don’t question it: if you like it, buy it. Even though it’s pretty expensive for such a simple skin. 

Open cases with Desert Eagle | Cobalt Disruption

9. Sunset Storm 弐

Price: $260–$330

Sunset Storm shows an abstract design with waves in different shades of orange and red. There are two versions of this skin: 弐 (meaning “Two”), shown here, features a mischievous-looking male face on the grip. Desert Eagle | Sunset Storm 壱 (“One”) is almost the same, but without the face—and it’s similarly priced, too ($260–$380). Both skins have the same Flavor Text in the game: “You think it’s the same, but look again… subtlety makes all the difference”. 

Open cases with Desert Eagle | Sunset Storm 弐

10. Midnight Storm

Price: $20–$30

While the two Sunset Storms can be impossible to tell apart during gameplay, Midnight Storm definitely stands out. It has the same wave pattern, but in shades of blue, green, and teal meant to resemble a stormy sea. It’s also much more affordable (it’s an Industrial grade pistol, after all), and many players will prefer its cold color scheme. 

Open cases with Desert Eagle | Midnight Storm

11. Hypnotic

Price: $107–$128

Hypnotic’s design shows black and white concentric circles reminiscent of the spirals used in hypnosis (in pop culture, at least). It comes in a float range of 0.00–0.08, with Minimal Wear skins often sporting slightly higher prices. If aesthetics, not rarity or bragging rights, are what you’re after, then go for the cheaper Factory New Hypnotic. 

If you like this design, check out MP9 | Hypnotic and SG 553 | Hypnotic as well (although to be honest, the SG skin can look more like a zebra print pattern from a distance). Oh, and there’s a Hypnotic Surf K (Foil) sticker, too. 

Open cases with Desert Eagle | Hypnotic

12. Ocean Drive

Price: $14–$145

Ocean Drive has to be one of the most colorful CS2 skins out there. Not only does it feature an impressive range of different colors, they’re also highly vibrant and oversaturated. It’ll get you noticed, that’s for sure. 

If you’re feelin’ like that’s just not quite enough of every color under the sun, Ocean Drive looks pretty cool with colorful Holo stickers, like Dead Eye (Holo), Liquid Fire (Holo), or Broken Fang (Holo), for instance. 

Open cases with Desert Eagle | Ocean Drive

13. Pilot

Price: $68–$170

Feeling classy? Then Pilot may just be the right Deagle skin for you. This simple design features a brass inlay with wings resembling a pilot’s insignia. Other elements of the gun, like the hammer, safety, and slide stop, are also made to look like brass. And the leather effect on the grip completes the elegant, classic look of Pilot. 

Open cases with Desert Eagle | Pilot

14. Night

Price: $9–$70

If simplicity is your thing, you’ll love Night. Basically the Deagle answer to AK-47 | Slate, this skin is, well, black. As night, presumably.

This skin will look interesting enough on its own, but you can also use it as a base for displaying your stickers. Oh, and the Battle-Scarred condition looks pretty interesting, too—check out this wear preview from CSGOSkins.gg

Open cases with Desert Eagle | Night

15. Naga

Price: $1.40–$6.70

We haven’t had a skin with an engraving effect yet, so here it is: Naga, featuring serpents on the slide. Look closely, and you’ll also find similar engravings on the hammer and safety, which is a nice touch. The design and name of this skin refer to a mythical creature named Naga: part human, part cobra. 

Open cases with Desert Eagle | Naga

So, this concludes our list of the best CS2 Desert Eagle skins. Whether you’ve found a new look for your Deagle or decided to stick with your current skin, hope you had fun—and if your dream skin is beyond your budget right now, try your luck with opening Key-Drop cases!

KeyDrop Team


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