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M4A4 vs. M4A1-S in CS2: Which is Better? Full Comparison [2024]

KeyDrop Team

M4A4 vs. M4A1-S: which one should you choose? With the launch of CS2, this age-old CS:GO question became a bit easier to answer: before, you could only choose one, and now you can just add both into your loadout. That’s why, in this guide, we’ll go over the pros and cons of using both, having them both in your loadout and when you should use either.

M4A4 vs. M4A1-S: The Basics

We know some of you like stats, so here are a few key differences in a simple table!

Shooting modelBigger recoil pattern, higher fire rateSmaller recoil pattern, smaller fire rate
Additional traitsNo silencerSilencer
M4A4 vs. M4A1-S: Stats Comparison

As you can see, there are pros and cons here. The M4A1-S is cheaper, but has less ammo. More accurate, but slower when shooting. The silencer is a big advantage, but only in certain situations. The damage is great—however, the slower fire rate can be a massive issue when facing down multiple enemies or when fighting in close quarters.

While you will notice that pros mostly equip the M4A1-S because at the end of the day, it can kill in 4 shots to the chest in case of 5 shots and gives them money for an extra flashbang every round. The trouble is getting those shots off. Note that the headshot damage is identical. The limited amount of ammo will also come into play, as you may be overwhelmed by too many enemies heading your way.

However, most of us aren’t pros, and for us mere mortals, both rifles have a place on our level. So, if you’re a spray and prayer, might want to lose the silencer for a more direct approach.

M4A4 vs. M4A1-S in CS2: Which is Better for Each Map

All of the above is why we have some specific suggestions for good spots to use the weapons on each map. There are times when you’ll want to choose the M4A4, and times when the M4A1-S will be the better option. Let’s see:


Seeing as the M4A1-S is best at long-distance engagements, it’s best for playing around Middle, Stairs or Jungle. We wouldn’t advise A or B anchors to use it, though, as you’ll likely end up being overran by a rush. The M4A4 will be better there.


On Inferno, the best use for the A1-S is definitely when playing the A-Long/Rotation role, where you’ll be able to take most engagements at a distance and fall back. If you’re playing Balcony, you might want to avoid the silenced M4, and your mileage may vary on B depending on your positioning and playstyle.


Overpass is a good map for the A1-S overall, as it can be used on both sites if positioned well. Of course, avoid equipping it if you’re playing Connector, or a close position on B, but as long as you play long angles, you should be fine.


Nuke with all its tight nooks and crannies is a hard one for the M4A1-S, essentially only being really useful when playing outside, or Heaven. We’d avoid using it on sites as you’ll often need the extra ammo and fire rate in close quarters.


The general rule of thumb for CS maps is that B-Sites are a bit tighter than A-Sites, and Anubis is a bit less clear on this. The A1-S is mostly going to be useful when playing long angles like Alley, Bridge or Middle, and won’t be as useful when anchoring sites. The M4A4 will do a great job there, though.


For Ancient, B is quite clearly the tighter site, although if you’re smart with playing long angles on it, you can get away with the A1-S. A site is not quite clear, but there are places where you can take mid-range engagements that will work well for the A1-S style. And then there’s Mid. And you know the rules when it comes to mid.


Vertigo is a tough map to call for many, and a tough map to speak about in general terms. It all depends on your style and gameplan. The A1-S will be great if you like aggressive peeks on A-Ramp in the early round, but will be horrible if you’re playing Scaffold or Lane. Similarly, B and Mid are all dependent on your playstyle. If you like sitting back and taking heads, take the A1-S. If you like playing close and spraying down, take the A4.

Dust II

You guessed it! It all depends on the position, and B-Site is where the M4A4 shines, while the M4A1-S really works well when playing A-Long. Mid is a mixed bag depending on your approach, but we’d avoid the A1-S when playing aggressive angles.

And that’s all for the maps. As you can see, there’s a general trend here. Additionally, if your overall playstyle is more suited to either weapon, you may want to favor it if forced to choose. 


The biggest trick, however, is simply equipping both. If you don’t use the FAMAS or SSG-08 too often, that’s the simplest solution to your issues. That way, you can choose which weapon is better for you every round. So as long as you can (as you should) live with SMGs on your force buys, the choice seems a bit simpler.

Overall, the weapon you choose will depend on the weapon you feel more comfortable with. While higher level players will probably benefit more from the A1-S, the A4 is a great option for aggressive players with a tendency to get in close and personal. 

Remember to check out our skin guides for each rifle, too. Here are the best M4A4 skins in CS2, and the best M4A1-S CS2 skins. See you on the battlefield!

KeyDrop Team


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