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15 Best MAC-10 Skins in CS2

KeyDrop Team

With its high damage dropoff and recoil that’s all over the place, MAC-10 is not a common choice and a rare sight in competitive play. Still, it does have its advantages (high fire rate and decent damage), and some players swear by its effectiveness at close range. Whether you’re one of the “MAC-10 is OP” crowd or just looking to give this SMG a try, deck it out with a cool skin! Here are the 15 best MAC-10 skins in CS2. 

1. Neon Rider

Price: $7–$12

No surprises here: opening our list of the best MAC-10 skins is Neon Rider, the custom-painted synthwave design that pretty much became iconic overnight. From the vibrant color combination to the unique style and backstory of the Neon Rider, there’s a lot to love here.

Open cases with MAC-10 | Neon Rider

2. Light Box

Price: $0.15–$1

Light Box may seem like a very simple skin at first glance… but don’t let this deceive you. Originally named Infinity Illusion by its creator, this skin features an interesting effect visible only when looking at the back of the gun during gameplay.

The gun appears to have a small glass panel below the rear sights. With the addition of a pattern of multicolored “lights”, the creator achieved a 3D effect we haven’t seen on any other skin so far. Great choice for futuristic or sci-fi loadouts in particular. 

MAC-10 | Light Box CS2 skin GIF
Source: Steam Workshop

Open cases with MAC-10 | Light Box

3. Stalker

Price: $12–$80

On the expensive side for a MAC-10 skin, Stalker is vibrant, colorful, and very eye-catching (but that shouldn’t be a problem, since you’re unlikely to be stealthy with an SMG anyway). The combination of yellow and blue with tiger stripes and an aggressive theme works particularly well on the MAC-10.

Open cases with MAC-10 | Stalker

4. Disco Tech

Price: $1–$15

If the blue and pink suggest to you that we’re back in synthwave territory with Disco Tech, that’s only partially true. The pearlescent finish on this skin gives the gun an effect that’s similar to that of holo stickers, where colors change depending on the lighting.

Disco Tech can therefore also appear yellow and green at times: 

Open cases with MAC-10 | Disco Tech

5. Propaganda

Price: $25–$45

There are very few CS2 skins that even come close to a political theme (understandably). Propaganda is definitely the most recognizable, with its name, color scheme, and Russian writing (words like “control” and “fear” appear in the design in Cyrillic) clearly pointing to a specific sociopolitical idea… Which fits in well with the history of the T-side Phoenix Connexion faction. Interesting choice.

Open cases with MAC-10 | Propaganda

6. Hot Snakes

Price: $137–$230

A Valve-designed skin from the 2020 Havoc Collection, Hot Snakes is one of the most expensive MAC-10 skins out there. It has a surprisingly realistic-looking pattern of snake scales that glisten during gameplay. Whether it’s worth the price is for you to decide, but it’s definitely one of the more distinctive MAC-10 skins.

Open cases with MAC-10 | Hot Snakes

7. Button Masher

Price: $0.30–$1.50

We’ve been terribly serious since the Neon Rider up top, so let’s shake things up with Button Masher, which looks like a vintage game pad. The body of the gun appears to be made of transparent plastic, with circuit boards and components visible within. The whole thing looks fairly realistic, and the directional and menu buttons have a nice 3D effect to them. Great choice! 

Open cases with MAC-10 | Button Masher

8. Allure

Price: $0.40–$1.60

If you’re into Japanese or anime CS2 skins, you’ll like Allure. The design emulates the style and contents of traditional Japanese illustrations, showing waves, a Koi fish, and a female figure. The woman in this design is supposed to represent an iso onna—the “sea vampire” from Japanese folklore, who’d lure unsuspecting victims with her beauty, only to kill them by draining their blood. Great idea for a skin and perfect execution (pun unintended), all for only around a dollar. 

Open cases with MAC-10 | Allure

9. Ensnared

Price: $0.07–$0.30

If the iso onna creeped you out, Ensnared won’t help: it shows creatures described as pixies, seemingly trapped inside the gun. The creatures’ eyes appear to glow, and they continue to do so even as float goes up.

In fact, once you hit the “worst” end of the Battle-Scarred condition for this skin, the eyes are all that’s left: 

Open cases with MAC-10 | Ensnared

10. Toybox

Price: $4–$17

Aliens, defusers, chickens, bullets, a bomb… What else can you find in this design? Toybox is one of the few cartoon-style, fun MAC-10 skins that doesn’t take things too seriously.

Open cases with MAC-10 | Toybox

11. Whitefish

Price: $0.15–$1

We had snake scales on Hot Snakes, now it’s time for a fish-themed MAC-10 skin with Whitefish. Rather than going for realism, though, Whitefish uses white scales and bones that have been hand-painted onto a plain black background. Great minimalistic skin for those who aren’t into elaborate, colorful designs.

Open cases with MAC-10 | Whitefish

12. Heat

Price: $2–$7

Heat will make your MAC-10 look as if it came straight out of a forge, with individual metal parts and plates still glowing around the edges. If you like this look, you can get a matching shotgun skin with MAG-7 | Heat (by the way, the MAG-7 has another interesting option with the theme of burning as well: MAG-7 | Firestarter, which gets more “burnt” as float goes up).

Open cases with MAC-10 | Heat

13. Fade

Price: $40–$56

Fade skins need no introduction. The MAC-10 version is one of the cheapest Fade skins out there, too, so if you’ve always wanted a Fade, this one’s worth considering.

Open cases with MAC-10 | Fade

14. Classic Crate

Price: $0.10–$0.40

A throwback to the (good?) old days, Classic Crate resembles the metal crates from the original de_dust2 map. You don’t have to remember these from experience to enjoy this skin, though: it’ll make an excellent addition to any loadout. 

Open cases with MAC-10 | Classic Crate

15. Monkeyflage

Price: $0.07–$0.30

Last but not least, Monkeyflage. Don’t overthink it: it’s simple, it’s funny, it’ll make you smile. Props to the creator for taking the time to fine-tune the details, like the wooden backing on the grip, the leaf on the magazine, or the patterns on the strap. 

Open cases with MAC-10 | Monkeyflage

Alright, that’s all we have for you today! You’ve seen 15 of the best MAC-10 skins in CS2. Now get your favorite and test it out in a match!

KeyDrop Team


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