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21 Best CS2 Anime Skins & Japan-Inspired Skins

KeyDrop Team

Looking to put together an anime-themed loadout in CS2? We’ve got you covered: this guide will introduce you to all CS2 anime skins available today. Since there aren’t many of them, though, we’ll also show you a bunch of Japanese- and Chinese-style skins that will go well with your anime loadout, plus some illustration-inspired skins, too. 

Let’s get started!

CS2 Anime Skins

First up, what you came here for: “true” CS2 anime skins. 

1. AUG | Akihabara Accept

Price: $410–$4000+

Featuring an anime magazine cover as its design, Akihabara Accept is the first anime skin that comes to mind for most players. The writing mimics (and kind of mocks) article headlines you’d see on a magazine cover, including “Matching the color of your gun to the color of your hair”, “What Kill/Death ratio is sufficient?”, “Newest skins: Which are most popular?” and even “The best grilled chicken recipe”. 

As an anime fan, you’re bound to know this already, but just in case: the name of the skin refers to the Akihabara district in Tokyo, which is filled with anime, manga and electronics stores, venues, and attractions. 

Akihabara Accept is a Custom Paint Job skin—the paintwork wears off with higher floats, and the design is mostly gone in Battle-Scarred condition. Combined with its relative rarity, this leads to very high prices for low-float Akihabara Accepts. 

Thanks to its combination of white and purple, Akihabara Accept also works well as part of a purple CS2 loadout

Open cases with AUG | Akihabara Accept

2. M4A4 | Temukau

Price: $10–$175

Temukau features a female CT agent with vibrantly pink hair that contrasts well with the cyan-and-white background. Like Akihabara Accept, this skin deteriorates pretty visibly at higher floats, but luckily, it’s much more affordable. 

Temukau means “to resist” in Japanese, and it’s actually written on the rifle—it’s the large pink-and-purple writing over the character’s hand. 

Open cases with M4A4 | Temukau

3. M4A1-S | Player Two

Price: $15–$110

Player Two also features a CT character, albeit in an entirely different visual style and color scheme. The design is complex enough that it can take a while to take in all the different patterns and elements that go into making it one glorious whole. 

This skin is probably not the best choice if you’re into putting stickers on every weapon—even the most colorful, vibrant sticker will be lost in the complexity of this design. It does a great job of looking interesting all by itself, though, especially at lower floats! 

For other skin suggestions for this weapon, check out our list of the best M4A1-S skins in CS2.

Open cases with M4A1-S | Player Two

4. MAC-10 | Sakkaku

Price: $0.25–$1.20

Feeling uncomfortable under the stare of those red eyes? Sakkaku (錯覚) means illusion or misperception in English, so perhaps that’s just your imagination!

With a subdued color palette, this skin will work well with red-and-black loadouts as well as anime- and Japanese-themed inventories. The writing on the strap is a nice (and uncommon) touch, too. 

Sakkaku has a float range 0.21–0.79, which means that it doesn’t come in Factory New or Minimal Wear conditions. The good news is that you can get it in Field-Tested with StatTrak for under $3. 

Open cases with MAC-10 | Sakkaku

5. Sawed-Off | Kiss♥Love

Price: $2.40–$12

Eyes again—but with a completely different vibe. Combining shades of purple and pink with bright-blue and white accents, this sawed-off skin is both memorable and easy to combine with other pink CS2 skins for a themed loadout. 

Thanks to its style and colors, it’ll also make for a great base for Holo stickers, like Kawaii CT or V for Victory. Check out our post on anime CS2 stickers for more ideas! 

Open cases with Sawed-Off | Kiss♥Love

Other Japanese and Chinese Skins

You won’t put together a full loadout with these five skins, so here are some suggestions on other skins that could compliment your anime weapons. Here are ten skins inspired by Japanese and Chinese themes. 

6. Galil AR | Kami

Price: $2.80–$3.60

Manga fans, this one’s for you: Galil AR | Kami’s design is entirely made up of manga pages. Note that at the highest floats, the skin turns mostly black and the manga’s barely recognizable, so go for Factory New Kami skins if you can—they’re not expensive. 

Open cases with Galil AR | Kami

7. Five-SeveN | Kami

Price: around $1

Here’s another Kami skin to make your handgun match your rifle. The float range for this one is between 0.00 and 0.30, so there are no Well-Worn or Battle-Scarred conditions for this skin. Just as well, since it too looks best in Factory New. 

Open cases with Five-SeveN | Kami

8. AWP | Oni Taiji

Price: $250–$670

The flavor text for this rifle skin says it all: Face your demons. The design features a samurai facing an oni—a mythical demon from Japanese folklore. The traditional illustration style of this skin, along with the purple barrel and scope, make it a unique addition to any loadout. 

Open cases with AWP | Oni Taiji

9. Glock-18 | Umbral Rabbit

Price: $0.27–$2

The Umbral Rabbit was added to the game in 2023. Not coincidentally, 2023 was the year of the Rabbit in the Chinese zodiac. This connection is further underlined by the visual style of the skin, including the traditional art style and the use of Chinese imagery such as peony flowers, temples, and mountains. 

Open cases with Glock-18 | Umbral Rabbit

10. MP9 | Mount Fuji

Price: $2–$8.40

We’re back in Japan with this one. The design depicts Mount Fuji, the highest peak (and active volcano) in Japan, at dawn. The red sun is symbolic of the country, too: Japan is known as the “Land of the Rising Sun”, and the red circle on its flag represents—you guessed it—the Sun. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more Japanese skin. 

Open cases with MP9 | Mount Fuji

11. M4A4 | Dragon King

Price: $7.80–$34

Dragon King depicts a red dragon in the traditional Chinese art style, with a blue background that contrasts well with the white and red elements. 

The flavor text for this skin reads A weapon worthy of the Monkey King himself, which is likely a reference to Sun Wukong (AKA Monkey King), the trickster god from Chinese mythology. 

Open cases with M4A4 | Dragon King

12. Desert Eagle | Sunset Storm 弐

Price: $270–$350

The red pattern on this skin supposedly represents a stormy sea. You’ll also notice a (slightly creepy) face on the grip, if you look closely. 

There are two Sunset Storm skins for the Deagle in the game: Sunset Storm 弐, depicted here, and Sunset Storm 壱, which you can see here. It’s almost the same, except it doesn’t feature the face on the grip. In case you’re wondering, there’s no real mystery behind the kanji in the names of these skins: 壱 simply means one, and 弐 means two

For a similar skin in shades of blue, check out Desert Eagle | Midnight Storm

Open cases with Desert Eagle | Sunset Storm 弐

13. Galil AR | Crimson Tsunami

Price: $1.40–$3

Looks like we’re sticking with the theme of sea storms. Crimson Tsunami features tall waves depicted in the traditional Japanese art style, with a warm color palette and a red background. 

Open cases with Galil AR | Crimson Tsunami

14. MAC-10 | Allure

Price: $0.40–$1.80

Here’s another skin inspired by traditional Japanese art, this time with a more complex design. It features a koi fish, waves, and flowers—all referencing Japanese culture—and, most importantly, a woman in a green/teal dress. She’s actually meant to be an Iso-Onna: a “sea vampire” from Japanese folklore. These vampires would lure victims with their beauty, only to attack them and drain their blood—hence the name of the skin.

Open cases with MAC-10 | Allure

15. Desert Eagle | Kumicho Dragon

Price: $13–$42

Kumicho is a term describing a top boss in a Yakuza gang, and the ornaments on this skin kind of resemble the imagery used in Yakuza tattoos, albeit in a very muted version. Kumicho Dragon may not be all that distinctive, but at least it’s relatively affordable for a Classified Deagle skin. 

Open cases with Desert Eagle | Kumicho Dragon

16. Nova | Koi

Price: $0.65–$1.60

Scales are a common pattern used in Japanese designs, and the scales in this design are extra-Japanese: they belong to a Koi fish, also known as Japanese carp. The pleasant combination of light-red, off-white, and black will go well with most loadouts. 

Open cases with Nova | Koi

17. AWP | Duality

Price: $3.50–$17

From dragons and fish to snakes: Duality features two snakes, one on either side of the rifle. In an unusual move, the skin’s creator chose to make one side of the rifle red, and the other gold. 

Open cases with AWP | Duality

Other Illustration-Themed Skins

Lastly, take a look at these: they’re not anime skins, strictly, but they do feature illustration-inspired designs that could go well with your anime loadout. 

18. M4A4 | Neo-Noir

Price: $4–$38

Neo-Noir skins are immediately recognizable, with their comic book-style illustration elements and combination of white, pink, and blue. The M4A4 design features a female character who’s wearing a katana on her back, adding a Japanese element to the skin. 

There are three other Neo-Noir skins in CS2: 

Open cases with M4A4 | Neo-Noir

19. Glock-18 | Bullet Queen

Price: $4–$53

Bullet Queen combines two styles of illustration: the female character on the grip is of the realistic variety, but she’s surrounded by doodle-style bullets with eyes and rather menacing grins. You’ll notice there’s a large price range for this skin—Factory New ones cost over ten times more than Battle-Scarred.

If you’re on a tight budget, don’t worry: this skin looks pretty good in Minimal Wear ($16) and even Field-Tested ($7). 

Open cases with Glock-18 | Bullet Queen

20. Glock-18 | Vogue

Price: $2.50–$9

Eyes again! This time in a Pop Art edition. The design uses a color palette of pinks and blues, which gives it a modern look, and the hand-drawn style of the character’s eyes will work well with anime-themed loadouts. By the way, this skin looks awesome with a Battle Scarred Holo sticker placed anywhere along the barrel. 

 Open cases with Glock-18 | Vogue

21. MAC-10 | Stalker

Price: $12–$70

Stalker features a yellow-and-black base with cyan stripes and a neon-blue cat baring its teeth. The style is rather chaotic, but it’s definitely eye-catching. Go for lower floats if you can—colors, which are this skin’s primary advantage, will be vibrant and bright. 

Open cases with MAC-10 | Stalker

Honorable Mention: AK-47 | Bloodsport

Price: $96–$140

Hopefully, you now have enough ideas to put together an anime-themed loadout of your own! You’d still be missing an AK-47, though, and that’s by far one of the most popular weapons in the game, so here’s a suggestion: AK-47 | Bloodsport. It’s not directly related to anime or any of the other categories we’ve looked at, but it does feature a crisp futuristic style that could work well with an anime loadout. Plus, you’ll find “Lightning” written in katakana on the side of the rifle. 

Open cases with AK-47 | Bloodsport

Have fun picking out your favorite CS2 anime skins and open cases on Key-Drop to get them for a fraction of the price!

KeyDrop Team


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