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All CS2 Anime Stickers: Full List [2024]

KeyDrop Team

Anime-themed skins and stickers are a cool way to customize your loadout to reflect your style and interests. Even if you already have your dream set of skins, you can always make them more unique by adding stickers in a nearly endless array of combinations. 

In this post, you’ll see all currently available CS2 anime stickers, including useful details like approximate prices and a bit of background info. With stickers featuring Kawaii, Chibi, and everything in between, you’re sure to find something to suit your weapons! 

1 & 2. Cheongsam and Cheongsam Holo


Although anime is traditionally Japanese, many anime-style stickers in CS2 make references to Chinese culture. 

Such is the case here, too: the name and design of this sticker refer to the cheongsam, which is a type of traditional dress worn Chinese, Korean, and Hong Kong women. The sticker depicts a female character wearing a cheongsam… but also holding a pink AK-47. She also appears to be wearing other combat accessories, like gloves and a leg holster. 


This and other China-themed stickers were added to the game soon after the “China, are you ready?” update (Sept 14, 2017), which made CS:GO available in mainland China. Both the paper and holo versions of this sticker are part of the Perfect World Sticker Capsule 1, the name of which refers to the Chinese distributor of CS:GO, a company named Perfect World. 

This capsule is easily available in the Steam Market and from third-party sellers. However, note that the capsule costs around $0.90, while the sticker price is around $1 (up to $0.90 for paper, $1.30 for holo). So if you’re after this particular sticker, it makes more sense to just buy it directly rather than hoping it drops from a capsule. 

You’ll see this trend across all CS2 anime stickers on this list, but we’ll let you know in which capsules they appear anyway, just in case you find that information useful. 

3. Kawaii T (Holo)


As you probably know, Kawaii is one of the most popular anime styles, featuring cute, colorful imagery. And the Kawaii T sticker sure is colorful—it will look equally vibrant and eye-catching on all backgrounds. 

The sticker shows a female terrorist, armed with a pair of rainbow-colored dual knives and wearing a combat vest with matching gloves. 

At $5–$6.50, Kawaii T (Holo) is one of the most expensive stickers on this list (you can browse its Steam listings here). It can also drop from the 10 Year Birthday Sticker Capsule, available for under $1, and from our very own Alpha case.

4. Kawaii CT (Holo)


Here’s the CT answer to Kawaii T! Also a holo-only sticker, Kawaii CT shows the same colorful, cute style, but with a completely different character. 

In this sticker, we can see a light-haired girl dressed in classic CT gear, making the V sign (which can mean victory or peace) with both hands and winking. More unusual are her large wings, which feature pretty much all colors of the rainbow and form a kind of background for the sticker. 

Currently, you can buy the Kawaii CT (Holo) for around $5 on the Steam Market. Look for it in the 10 Year Birthday Sticker Capsule or the Alpha case on Key-Drop

5. Kawaii Killer T


Anyone else getting slight emo vibes from the character in this sticker? 

Anyway, here’s another Kawaii sticker, sporting a dark-haired female character. She’s holding an AK-47—a weapon unique to the terrorists in Counter-Strike—and is wearing a plain shirt, cargo pants, and gloves. The name of the sticker appears in pink-and-white writing, and there’s a cute heart on the right. Just like the Kawaii CT character, she’s flashing the V sign, either for victory or peace. 

The Kawaii Killer T costs around $1 on Steam. You won’t find it in any capsules—it was released in 2015 as part of the Community Sticker Series 5 collection and can only be purchased directly.  

6. Kawaii Killer CT


Here’s the counter-terrorist version of Kawaii Killer, all decked out in iconic CT gear. In contrast to the terrorist character, she’s holding what appears to be an M4A4 rifle, although she too is making the V gesture with her free hand. You’ll find the same sticker name and pink heart in this design. 

Kawaii Killer CT also costs around $1 on the Steam Community Market, and it too does not appear in any capsules. It came out in 2014, with the Community Sticker Series 2 collection. 

7. Water Gun


The Water Gun sticker may not have Kawaii in its name, but it definitely has the right style. It features a female character wearing a black dress, hat, and cute headphones with cat ears, plus miscellaneous accessories. Most noticeably of all, she’s brandishing an elaborate water gun in her right hand. 

The bright colors of this sticker, especially the vivid pink of the background, mean that it will go well with any weapon skin—it looks equally cool on light and dark weapons. 

The Water Gun sticker will only set you back around $0.70 if you want to buy it from a direct listing. It can also drop from the Perfect World Sticker Capsule 1 (currently selling for around $0.90). 

8. Noodles


We’re moving away from Kawaii and edging into Chibi territory with this one. The Chibi style features small and “chubby” characters, with exaggerated features and low levels of detail. 

The terrorist we can see in the Noodles sticker is a prime example of that style—especially where minimal details are concerned. He’s chilling (or heating, really) in a bowl of noodles with his AK-47. 

Noodles is one of the cheapest stickers on this list, with Steam prices rarely exceeding $0.10. It was released with the Perfect World Sticker Capsule 1 ($0.90). 

9. Baby Medusa


Another Chibi entry on this list, this sticker refers to the character of Medusa from Greek mythology, with snakes for hair and a glare that turned heroes to stone. But while the mythical Medusa was a terrifying monster, the Baby Medusa in this sticker couldn’t be any cuter, in true Chibi style. Even the blue snakes in this design appear to be smiling!

Steam listings for the Baby Medusa sticker average at around $0.50, and you can also get it from the 10 Year Birthday Sticker Capsule (under $1). 

10. Shaolin


This Chibi sticker is an obvious tribute to Shaolin—the little character is wearing the traditional attire of a Shaolin monk. Shaolin Temple is the birthplace of Shaolin kung fu, the world-famous combination of martial arts and philosophy. 

The character in the sticker is positioned in the iconic horse stance, which appears in Shaolin kung fu forms. 

The sticker has a light color profile, with lots of yellow and tan, so it will create a nice contrast with dark weapon skins. 

You can get it on Steam for under $0.10. It can also drop from the Perfect World Sticker Capsule 2 ($0.90). 

11. V for Victory (Holo)


V signs seem to be a running theme in CS2 anime stickers—we’ve already seen them in Kawaii CT and both Kawaii Killer stickers. This gesture can mean either victory or peace, but in this case, the name of the sticker leaves no room for doubt. 

V for Victory features bright green, blue, and purple, reminiscent of futuristic neons. This effect is further underlined by the holo finish of this sticker, and the strange headset with holographic goggles worn by the character in the design. For some reason, the headset also appears to feature antlers…? 

Anyway, you can get this sticker from a direct Steam listing for around $3.60–$4, antlers and all. It can also drop from the Boardroom Sticker Capsule ($1) and our Hexar case

Related Stickers

While this concludes the list of stickers with genuine anime elements, there are a few honorable mentions that often come up in discussions about this topic. 

Akihabara Accept Surf Ava (Foil)

This sticker itself is more Western in style, but it makes a reference to one of the most iconic anime weapon skins in CS2: the AUG | Akihabara Accept


Toy Tiger

The drawing style of Toy Tiger is rather tough to define, but the overall look of the sticker does give it an anime-like feel. Fun fact: if you scrape this sticker several times, only the eyes and grin will remain visible. 


God of Fortune

This kind-of-Chibi sticker presumably features the Chinese, well—God of Fortune, AKA Caishen. 


So, that’s it! There isn’t a huge selection of CS2 anime stickers to choose from, but still—the ones we do have are so different in look, feel, and color palette that everyone should be able to find something to suit their taste and their weapon skins. Have fun picking out your new favorite sticker and check out our post showing all CS2 anime skins next!

KeyDrop Team


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