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Best CS2 Workshop Skins: May 2024 Showcase

KeyDrop Team

The Steam Workshop is filled with awesome submissions, courtesy of Valve’s creator policy, allowing artists to earn big from getting their skins in the game. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most interesting recent Workshop submissions that we believe should be included in the next CS2 case. That said, here are our May favorites: the best CS2 Workshop skins!

R8 Revolver | Apostle

This skin coming from Freddy, Krueger (heh), and Kerry, the Apostle is a really fun revolver skin. A gunsmith finish complete with modern purple accents brings out the best of both worlds when it comes to CS2 skins, and we love it. Hell, we might even equip a revolver if this is going to be the skin.

Check out R8 Revolver | Apostle in the Steam Workshop

Desert Eagle | Steel Chomper

Quzga and Debski come at us champing at the bit with this Deagle. There aren’t many artwork-heavy Deags out there, and this one showing a biting beast inspired by WWII fighters really works well to create a more cartoonish, yet classy set.

Check out Desert Eagle | Steel Chomper in the Steam Workshop

MAC-10 | Featherweight

This futuristic MAC-10 from cimota and NameJeff21 is a fun sci-fi skin… Unless you have trypophobia. Fear of holes aside, this is a really cool look for the SMG, giving the MAC-10 a turbofuturistic choice for the next big skin.

Check out MAC-10 | Featherweight in the Steam Workshop

AK-47 | Techno Tiger

This skin from Jimmba combines a futuristic design with intricate artwork in a fun way. Very much in the vibe of a Neon Rider, this skin is a treat for any feline fans out there, showcasing a big mechanical cybertiger. With vivid colors, this also suits the CS2 engine perfectly, which is why it’s our choice!

Check out AK-47 | Techno Tiger in the Steam Workshop

AK-47 | Maestro

If you prefer less art, more texture, the Maestro is for you. Inspired by Jared Leto’s Joker (some might argue that it’s one of the few good things to come out of that Joker), this skin from VSKforeva and S.H.A.D.O.W.(the creator of the Analog Input and ZX Spectrum among others)  is an excellent mix of purple, green, and ivory that creates a skin that’s both modern and classic in feel. Big thumbs up!

Check out AK-47 | Maestro in the Steam Workshop

M4A1-S | Chrome Fade

Another S.H.A.D.O.W. skin, this time we’re going simple, but awesome. The Chrome Fade introduces the fade stylings to an M4A1-S in clean fashion. It’s not complicated, it’s not over the top. It’s simply clean, and we like it.

Check out M4A1-S | Chrome Fade in the Steam Workshop

M4A4 | Lunar Mission (Blue Version)

We love sci-fi CS2 skins, and this one from Endrit is unique, as it uses a rare white-and-blue colorway that fits perfectly with the M4A4. It feels like it’s a gun that would be used by NASA on the moon if it ever came to that. Hopefully, it won’t, and the shooting will stay in CS2.

Check out M4A4 | Lunar Mission in the Steam Workshop

USP-S | Kanji

This piece of intricate artwork on a USP ads a much-needed vibe to a gun which lacks skins that are this elegant. Senji Ryakketsu uses Japanese references to create a skin that works well in a variety of circumstances.

Check out USP-S | Kanji in the Steam Workshop

M4A4 | Blocked & Loaded

We did mention our love for Lego-themed skins a few times, and this one really works in the context of the M4A4, which has been referred to as a blocky gun in the past. Graff, who has already created the iconic Block-18 from the Kilowatt Case, is now adding more weapons to the collection, and we love this M4A4 in particular.

Check out M4A4 | Blocked & Loaded in the Steam Workshop

That’s all… for now! We’ll be showcasing the best CS2 Workshop skins regularly. Which one of these do you think should arrive in CS2? Let us know on our socials, and support the skins’ creators by liking and sharing their work. Have any other picks? Send them our way too!

KeyDrop Team


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