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The Best Sci-Fi Skins in CS2: Full Science-Fiction Inventory

KeyDrop Team

May the 4th be with you! With the Star Wars celebration occurring over the weekend, we’ve decided to get into the groove with a collection of the best sci-fi skins in all of CS2. Ready to head to a galaxy far far away? Let’s start with the blast… erm, pistols.

Pistols: Best Sci-Fi Skins in CS2

Pistol rounds will be out of this world with these sci-fi skins:

CZ75-Auto | Syndicate

Price: $4–$10

We start with some Stargate SG-1 vibes with the Syndicate. While the gold coloring places is in the past, the hex pattern all over it gives it a futuristic vibe that reminds us of the sci-fi classic.

Open cases with CZ75-Auto | Syndicate

Desert Eagle | Mecha Industries

Price: $4–$11

While the Syndicate reminded us of a very specific sci-fi franchise, this is more generic sci-fi, and would fit well in most universes due to its clean white colorway complete with black and red accents (this isn’t the last such skin, either). Great in the hands of a robot or a rebel.

Open cases with Desert Eagle | Mecha Industries

Dual Berettas | Dezastre

Price: $2–$7

Despite the name, these are not a disaster by any means. These would probably be the best in a universe like Mass Effect or Elite Dangerous. It’s clean, a bit corporate, but at the same time asymmetrical and interesting. A fun vibe to be sure.

Open cases with Dual Berettas | Dezastre

Five-SeveN | Capillary

Price: $0.40

This was a tough one as no single skin really shone, but in the end, we went with the Capillary, with the headcanon of this weapon being connected to your veins in some eldritch-nightmare sci-fi. Definitely a skip if you don’t use the FN.

Open cases with Five-SeveN | Capillary

Glock-18 | Off World

Price: $0.10–$0.80

While the Five-SeveN had a lack of overtly sci-fi skins, the Glock has a bunch, in the end though, the Off-World, reminding us of the world of Alien, but also kind of… Star Wars? And Mass Effect? Also, it has an awesome name. It just works.

Open cases with Glock-18 | Off World

P2000 | Space Race

Price: $4–$9

Okay, hear us out. This was a bad weapon for sci-fi skins, in the end we went with the Space Race, mostly for the name. It does potentially look like an artifact somebody would be looking for in… Guardians in the Galaxy? We don’t know. This is filler, and luckily, the USP exists.

Open cases with P2000 | Space Race

P250 | Asiimov

Price: $1–$20

The first Asiimov of many, this colorway of orange, black, and white is a big reason why this list exists in the first place. Reminiscent of the rebel colors in Star Wars, different wear levels will suit different stylings, but what’s sure is that this one is sci-fi.

Open cases with P250 | Asiimov

R8 Revolver | Reboot

Price: $0.40–$4

This one would work great for Judge Dredd or Robocop. Dark, gritty, and yet a big cybernetic, it’s an awesome combo that you should definitely go for, if you’re a fan of the R8 (hey, this is a no judgement zone).

Open cases with R8 Revolver | Reboot

Tec-9 | Isaac

Price: $2–$13

From the creator of the Asiimov comes the Isaac, AKA Asimov’s first name. This one is the dark version of the Asiimov, fitting for an evil version of a rebel. Given that this is a Terrorist-only weapon, that really works.

Open cases with Tec-9 | Isaac

USP-S | Cyrex

Price: $1–$3

Another Asiimov-like skin, the Cyrex seems straight out of Mass Effect, or an Imperial armory in Star Wars. Black, white, and red once again rule supreme, giving this skin a futuristic look that works well in both sci-fi and classic loadouts. 

Open cases with USP-S | Cyrex

Assault Rifles: Best Sci-Fi Skins in CS2

No matter whether you’re playing T or CT, there are lots of cool sci-fi options for rifles on both sides. Here they are:

AK-47 | Asiimov

Price: $26–$260

You know the drill. An Asiimov we see, the Asiimov goes in.

Open cases with AK-47 | Asiimov

AUG | Torque

Price: $10–$13

While the AUG has a futuristic outline to it, it doesn’t really have anything that screams sci-fi, but the Torque just about comes in clutch for that Mass Effect vibe we’re looking for with a lot of guns. Decent.

Open cases with AUG | Torque

FAMAS | Valence

Price: $2–$6

It seems like we’ve got two main categories here. Star-Wars and Mass Effect. This one definitely falls into the latter. A bit more shiny than most of the skins on the list, you can still imagine firing this weapon on the Citadel.

Open cases with FAMAS | Valence

Galil-AR | Eco

Price: $2–$48

This skin would really work in a sci-fi like The Island (remember that?), given its over-the-top nature. You know… a recyclable gun, eco-killing all that. Perfect for a sci-fi dystopia.

Open cases with Galil-AR | Eco

M4A1-S | Mecha Industries

Price: $22–$103

This one is a great counterpart to the Asiimov and Cyrex, as it has a very similar colorline (you guessed it, white, red and black) while putting its own spin on it, courtesy of intricate texturing. You could see this both in the hands of a Clone Trooper and a Spectre. Love it!

Open cases with M4A1-S | Mecha Industries

M4A4 | Asiimov

Price: $74–$192

You guessed it, another Asiimov. Just like the AWP that’s coming up in a moment, this one is always going to be a bit used, and that really works if you want to believe that the CTs are rebels, and the Terrorists are the Empire… Yes, we realize that that doesn’t quite work.

Open cases with M4A4 | Asiimov

SG 553 | Cyrex

Price: $3–$18

And this time, a T-Side exclusive Cyrex. The SG looks futuristic without much help, and the Cyrex uses subtle accenting and some texturing to really elevate the futuristic vibe.

Open cases with SG 553 | Cyrex

Sniper Rifles: Best Sci-Fi Skins in CS2

Snipe away with these science-fiction skins for sniper rifles:

AWP | Asiimov

Price: $92–$163

The grandmother of all Asiimov’s, this one really goes into its “used-future” vibe, as it’s not available in Factory New and Minimal Wear, making it really gritty. Kinda like the rebel weapons in Star Wars. That works, eh?

Open cases with AWP | Asiimov

G3SG1 | Stinger

Price: $0.30–$1.50

This one is another yellow-accented black skin. It’s not as futuristic as some, but the skin choice for the autosniper is absolutely abhorrent, making us choose this one.

Open cases with G2SG1 | Stinger

SCAR-20 | Cyrex

Price: $38–$75

It doesn’t quite work because the USP and SCAR-20 are CT-exclusive, and they do look more imperial. This one really works for the weapon, making the most of the bulky mess that is the SCAR. Simple and fun.

Open cases with SCAR-20 | Cyrex

SSG 08 | Parallax

Price: $2–$7

This one is sci-fi, not just in look, but in effect. A still .png won’t really do this one justice, as the titular parallax effect really brings the futuristic vibe into the fray. We’re not sure how practical this would be in real life, but hey, it’s fun.

Open cases with SSG 08 | Parallax

SMGs: Best Sci-Fi Skins in CS2

Spray and pray like a Stormtrooper (okay, but with much better accuracy) with these SMG skins for your science-fiction loadout: 

MAC-10 | Light Box

Price: $0.10–$1

Simple and subtle, but hey, that’s a lot of sci-fi. This wouldn’t look out of place in a gun locker on a Martian ship in the Expanse, and its purple accents only highlight the simplicity of the gun’s design, while the black coat of paint gives it a futuristic edge.

Open cases with MAC-10 | Light Box

MP5-SD | Liquidation

Price: $0.20

The MP5-SD has a futuristic edge to it due to its silencer, but unfortunately, the gun doesn’t have too many good skins to go round. The Liquidation is the best among a weak set thanks to its subtle accents.

Open cases with MP5-SD | Liquidation

MP7 | Nemesis

Price: $6–$14

This one looks like a weapon straight from Predator, a customized beast of an SMG. It’s not THAT sci-fi, but choices are limited here, so we’ll go with this one, courtesy of its beastly look and clean exterior.

Open cases with MP7 | Nemesis

MP9 | Airlock

Price: $1–$14

White and Red again, this one looks like it’s straight from Mass Effect for some reason. A fun skin, with a fun name, we’re definitely not throwing this one out of the airlock.

Open cases with MP9 | Airlock

PP-Bizon | Osiris

Price: $1

Another one that gives Mass Effect vibes, the Osiris wouldn’t be out of place on the Normandy SR-2 courtesy of its black, white and gold colors that… you guessed it, are Cerberus’ colors in the game!

Open cases with PP-Bizon | Osiris

P90 | Asiimov

Price: $5–$44

Another Asiimov skin, and we’re going to leave it at that. No point wasting words when you know this is the ultimate sci-fi choice.

Open cases with P90 | Asiimov

UMP-45 | Motorized

Price: $0.10–$0.40

This recent addition, included with the 2024 Kilowatt Case, looks like it wouldn’t be out of place in The Expanse, where some ships and weapons did have that exposed machinery vibe. It’s a fun concept with awesome gunsmith texturing, and we’re all for it! 

Open cases with UMP-45 | Motorized

Shotguns: Best Sci-Fi Skins in CS2

Situational? Sure, but if you can handle yourself well with a shotgun, then more power to you. Check out these science-fiction shotgun skins:

MAG-7 | Sonar

Price: $0.20

This one is the best of a bad bunch, but the carbon-fiber finish and blue accents wouldn’t be out of place in a classic sci-fi movie. It’s decent, but nothing to call home about.

Open cases with MAG-7 | Sonar

Nova | Graphite

Price: $10

This is a subtle classic. It makes the rather old-school Nova look extremely modern, and even a bit futuristic. This would definitely work in not-so-far future sci-fi like The Expanse. It’s simple, but it works.

Open cases with Nova | Graphite

Sawed-Off | Limelight

Price: $0.40–$2

It’s hard to make the Sawed-Off look futuristic, even harder than the Nova, and yet the Limelight does it. Although a bit generic, it still fits into the “corporate gun” sci-fi theme we’ve seen with some others, and would surely be a toxic blaster in a different game.

Open cases with Sawed-Off | Limelight

XM1014 | Black Tie

Price: $0.30–$2

Clean minimalism is a theme with a lot of sci-fi skins, and despite the limited color palette, its accents (like the power on button) give it a futuristic vibe that comes out of nowhere. We like this, and would recommend it to you! (duh, it’s in the article)

Open cases with XM1014 | Black Tie

Gloves and Knife: Best Sci-Fi Skins in CS2

Complete your loadout with a suitable knife skin and, of course, futuristic-looking gloves. Here are our top picks: 

Specialist Gloves | Fade

Specialist Gloves | Fade CS2 skin

Price: $220–$1600+

The Specialist Gloves are the closest we’ll get to futuristic, as the whole set unfortunately is… not too futuristic. But it works with our knife set, and it’s nice and shiny, so we’ll take it.

Open cases with Specialist Gloves | Fade

Paracord Knife | Fade

Paracord Knife | Fade CS2 skin

Price: $600–$750

This one is a classic, the Paracord has the most futuristic look of all knives, and the Fade works as a futuristic finish. It’s a good finish to a fun loadout.

Open cases with Paracord Knife | Fade

And that’s all for this one! A full set of the best sci-fi skins in CS2. Did you make a sci-fi loadout? Show it off on our socials, and if you need any better skins for it, open cases on Key-Drop!

KeyDrop Team


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