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12 Best UMP-45 Skins in CS2

KeyDrop Team

The UMP has seen better days in Counter-Strike. Once a staple of anti-eco and force buy rounds, nerfs have reduced it to a shell of its former self. However, on some maps and in some positions it can still be viable, and we’re sure nostalgia also makes people pick it up from time to time. If you’re one of those people and need some oomph for your UMP, we’ve created a handy-dandy list of the best UMP-45 skins in CS2!

1. Wild Child

Price: $2–$15

With the release of the “Fallout” TV series, post-apocalyptic skins may be at a slight premium, and the Wild Child looks like it’s something a bunch of raiders would be carrying around the Wasteland.

Open cases with UMP-45 | Wild Child

2. Momentum

Price: $4–$10

This blue and red skin has a name that really gives away its game. A nice color line combined with some arrows pointing you forward are sure to give you some momentum on your rushes. It’s fun, and it works, what more to ask.

Open cases with UMP-45 | Momentum

3. Primal Saber

Price: $2–$10

If you loved sabertooth tigers (they’re not actually closely related to tigers, y’know) as a kid, you’ll love this skin featuring a sabertooth skull at its center. If you feel that you’re an apex predator even with a UMP, this skin is for you.

Open cases with UMP-45 | Primal Saber

4. Fade

Price: $500–$4600

A classic skin, we’ve written about Fades countless times, so we won’t waste too much of your time. It’s beautiful, shiny and can fit with any other Fade skin, we love it! But it’s really expensive, so… y’know. Only if you’ve got too much money.

Open cases with UMP-45 | Fade

5. Gold Bismuth

Price: $2–$7

A metallic skin with a twist. It’s not quite fully gold, as it introduces a silver top to a gold base, making it look more combat than royal-ready. Perfect in a Paladin/Knight loadout, the Gold Bismuth will add some shine without breaking the bank.

Open cases with UMP-45 | Gold Bismuth

6. Moonrise

Price: $0.40–$1.40

One of our absolute faves, the Moonrise is featured on the UMP, but also the Glock-18. The cityscape is generated randomly, meaning every building will be in a different place depending on seed, making this synthwave skyline truly unique.

Open cases with UMP-45 | Moonrise

7. Arctic Wolf

Price: $0.40–$1.50

From the city, we head into the frozen wastes. This Canine is a bit like an icy howl, but with more of a furry (no, not that kind) focus, making the fur look like snow adorning the weapon with a 3D depth to it.

Open cases with UMP-45 | Arctic Wolf

8. Grand Prix

Price: $0.40–$1.50

A reference to F1 races of the days of yore, this is a subtle skin with a beige coloring that won’t pop too hard, but is classy at the same time. While we’re not sure that Max Verstappen would sport this, Alain Prost… probably would.

Open cases with UMP-45 | Grand Prix

9. Crime Scene

Price: $100–$119

CSI: CS2! This skin’s name gives it all away. A Crime Scene visualized by yellow tape and red and blue lights, this one is simple, but fun for those of you who enjoy the vibe, although a little expensive for our taste.

Open cases with UMP-45 | Crime Scene

10. Exposure

Price: $0.50–$2

Emergency services seem to be a theme here, as the Exposure shows an X-Ray of a rib cage. The flavor text jokes that you should remove all metal items from your pockets, but we’re afraid that there are still some in the magazine. Fun for black-and-blue and X-Ray loadouts (duh!).

Open cases with UMP-45 | Exposure

11. Blaze

Price: $18

Fire in the Disco, fire on the UMP. The Blaze is a classic skin, with a your-mileage-may-vary edge. It kind of reminds us of Metallica’s Load cover art. Either way, if you like fuel, fire, and dabadabadas, you’ll like this fiery shooter.

Open cases with UMP-45 | Blaze

12. Carbon Fiber

Price: $0.10

This one is the most understated of all, focusing on texture over pattern. It’s simple, minimalistic, and looks good in all-black loadouts as it gives a nice shine to the black compared to the default skin.

Open cases with UMP-45 | Carbon Fiber

…and that’s all for this one. Do you agree with our choice of the best UMP-45 skins in CS2? Or would you add something else? Let us know on our socials, and as always, good luck battling for these on Key-Drop! If you’re considering other SMGs, our lists of the best MAC-10 skins and MP9 skins await. 

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