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10 Best Cheap AWP Skins in CS2 Under $10

KeyDrop Team

AWP skins are known for being among the most pricey in the game. In fact, if you look at our list of the most expensive skins in CS2, you’ll notice that AWPs take up four out of the six top spots! Still, this doesn’t mean that you have to spend hundreds of dollars to get your AWP looking good. We’ve put together a list of the best cheap AWP skins you can pick up today without breaking the bank. 

1. Mortis

Wear: Factory New | Price: $7.50

We’re starting off strong with Mortis: a Classified AWP skin inspired by the “Death” Tarot card. The skin features the Grim Reaper and a skeletal horse, as well as the number 13 in Roman numerals—that’s the number of the “Death” card in Tarot. Along with several decorative patterns, all of these elements come together to form a truly stunning design. 

Open cases with AWP | Mortis

2. Chromatic Aberration

Wear: Field-Tested | Price: $8.50

This one was bound to make an appearance on this list. Chromatic Aberration is among the most recognizable AWP skins, thanks in part to its vibrantly pink pattern, but also the fact that the graphics have been applied in a slightly off-set way, giving the skin a trippy look. Perfect choice if you like a bit of color in your loadouts. 

For under $10, you can get this skin in Field-Tested condition—don’t worry, though, because it looks pretty good, with all the graphics still intact. If you want to splash out on a Factory New one, it’ll cost you around $20. 

Open cases with AWP | Chromatic Aberration

3. Fever Dream

Wear: Field-Tested | Price: $9.70

What would happen if you gave a lunatic a set of colored chalk and free access to a blackboard? Fever Dream is your answer. The black base is covered in drawings and bits of writing in blue, pink, and purple, including the words “#headshot” and “wolves are at my door”. 

The Field-Tested version you can get for under $10 will be less vibrant than “newer” conditions, but most of the design will be there! A Factory New Fever Dream costs around $16 on Steam, if you can stretch your budget a little. 

Open cases with AWP | Fever Dream

4. Atheris

Wear: Minimal Wear | Price: $6.90

The classic choice among inexpensive AWP skins, Atheris features a bright-green viper on a dark-blue base. Although some players find it a little too common, it’s still a viable option—the fact that it’s popular doesn’t make it look any worse! Note that the scope is painted with a matching scale pattern, giving the entire rifle a cohesive, complete look. 

A Minimal Wear Atheris looks almost perfect, though if “almost” doesn’t cut it for you, a Factory New one will cost you around $15 on Steam. 

Open cases with AWP | Atheris

5. Phobos

Wear: Factory New | Price: $2.30

Featured also on our list of the best cheap CS2 skins, Phobos is the cheapest AWP skin in the Restricted category. The skin makes it appear as if the rifle is constructed of interlocking metal panels, painted black and dark-green with yellow accents. The design also features traces of electronics, as if the rifle was upgraded with some additional tech. All in all, a good choice if you like the sci-fi/survival hybrid for your in-game aesthetic. 

Open cases with AWP | Phobos


Wear: Factory New | Price: $9.20

We’re moving on from the very dark Phobos to the colorful POP AWP. According to its in-game description, the skin features a “retro techno-inspired pattern”… although what this means, exactly, is unclear at best. Still, it’s a cool-looking skin, with angular patterns and a style that’s pretty unique among sniper rifle skins. You’ll definitely stand out from the crowd with this one. 

Open cases with AWP | POP AWP

7. Exoskeleton

Wear: Factory New | Price: $9.90

Back to death and destruction! Exoskeleton is surprisingly intricate for such an inexpensive skin, featuring detailed patterns on every part of the rifle. Originally named “Bare Metal”, the skin goes for a 3D effect, as if the rifle was cast in a mold rather than painted. From idea to execution, it’s a great AWP skin all round. 

Open cases with AWP | Exoskeleton

8. Worm God

Wear: Factory New | Price: $2.70

There’s a disproportionately high number of skulls on AWP skins, it seems, even without adding the skull-covered AWP | Acheron to this list. Worm God also features a skull—with eyes, might I add—on the stock, with what looks like roots covering the side of the rifle. It’s an interesting take on a rather morbid theme, and the illustration style of the design is definitely worth a second look. 

Open cases with AWP | Worm God

9. Black Nile

Wear: Factory New | Price: $5

Here’s something for the minimalists: Black Nile has a black-and-silver pattern covering the entire body of the rifle… and nothing else. The result is straightforward and rather elegant, somehow captivating in its simplicity. The pattern itself is supposed to resemble the lines on a topographic map, though it also looks like wood grain. Either way, it’s perfect if you’re looking for a simple, dark skin for your AWP. 

Open cases with AWP | Black Nile

10. Duality

Wear: Minimal Wear | Price: $7

Last but not least, Duality, with its two snakes and incredibly intricate patterns. Yes, snakes, plural: the second snake is on the other side of the rifle, which uses gold instead of red. 

$10 will get you Duality in Minimal Wear, though as long as you opt for the lowest float possible, you won’t notice much difference when compared with Factory New. Still, a Factory New Duality only costs around $14, so you may want to spend a little more if you like this skin. 

Open cases with AWP | Duality

That’s all—you’ve seen all 10 best cheap AWP skins in CS2. With any luck, you now have a new skin for your AWP picked out! Check out our post on the best cheap AK-47 skins in CS2 next, and if you’re after something more expensive, see if you can win it on Key-Drop. Good luck!

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