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12 Best P90 Skins in CS2

KeyDrop Team

Although they technically have their advantages, like good running accuracy and a large magazine, P90s are a rare sight in competitive matches. So if that’s your SMG of choice, you may as well make it stand out! Check out our list of the best P90 skins in CS2 and see if you find something to suit your style. 

1. Asiimov

Price: $6–$44

First up, the modern classic that is the Asiimov. It hardly needs an introduction: the combination of white, orange, and black is among the most distinctive in the game. The P90 version is among the cheapest Asiimovs—only the P250 | Asiimov costs less ($2–$22). Can’t go wrong with this one. 

Open cases with P90 | Asiimov

2. Shallow Grave

Price: $1.70–$8

If you like CS2 skins with a creepy vibe, Shallow Grave should be right up your alley. The design combines a red-and-black skeleton illustration with a stone effect on the grips, complete with something that looks like runes or markings. Perfect for horror-themed loadouts. 

Open cases with P90 | Shallow Grave

3. Grim

Price: $0.10–$0.60

We’re staying in the realm of horror with Grim, which depicts, according to its in-game description, “murderous specters”. The combination of black and vivid green, alongside the style of illustration, brings vintage animation to mind. Great choice if you like green CS2 skins with a creepy theme. 

Open cases with P90 | Grim

4. Vent Rush

Price: $0.50–$1.80

Between the color scheme, dents and scratches, tape, and illusion of tubes, Vent Rush gives off strong “sci-fi survival” vibes. The 3D effect of the tubes along the bottom of the SMG is surprisingly realistic, even in-game. Definitely one of the top choices for P90, especially if you’re on a tight budget.

Open cases with P90 | Vent Rush

5. ScaraB Rush

Price: $4–$15

Unmistakably an Anubis skin, ScaraB Rush is one of the most original-looking P90 skins (and definitely one of the best-named ones). The simple, angular patterns come together to create an intricate design with a clear Egyptian theme. At $15 for Factory New, it’s a steal. 

Open cases with P90 | ScaraB Rush

6. Freight

Price: $0.07–$0.25

Freight couldn’t be any further from ScaraB Rush, really. Modern, urban, and gritty, it’s supposed to resemble a banged-up train car covered in graffiti—and it’s doing a pretty good job. The rust effect on some parts of the skin is a nice and well-executed touch. All in all, great skin for the T side in particular. 

Open cases with P90 | Freight

7. Nostalgia

Price: $5–$12

If you like Freight’s graffiti theme, but want something “cleaner”, Nostalgia is the answer. The skin combines a bunch of colors in realistic-looking graffiti, including an image of the CT agent that the more… seasoned players (yep, I’m trying to avoid saying that you’re old) will remember from the Counter-Strike 1.6 loading screen

Open cases with P90 | Nostalgia

8. Off World

Price: $0.15–$0.60

Looking like something out of a dark sci-fi movie, Off World starts out looking pretty banged up and scuffed at Factory New… but it only gets more interesting from there: 

As the skin’s condition gets closer to Battle-Scarred, etched symbols and letters appear on the skin, which is an interesting and pretty unique use of float in CS2. Some of the metal parts show damage and later rust, too. 

If you like this skin, check out the corresponding Glock-18 | Off World as well! 

Open cases with P90 | Off World

9. Emerald Dragon

Price: $115–$475

With a few notable exceptions, P90 skins in CS2 are generally pretty affordable. Emerald Dragon is one such exception, regularly exceeding $400 in price (Factory New). If you assumed that this is because it belongs to a pricey collection, you’re correct: it’s from Operation Bravo, which also includes the AK-47 | Fire Serpent ($700–$2500).

Open cases with P90 | Emerald Dragon

10. Elite Build

Price: $0.20–$1

If you’re after a simple, elegant P90 skin, look no further than Elite Build. Mostly satin black with yellow accents, it looks like it’d be stupidly expensive in the real world (ironically, in CS2, it’s one of the cheapest options). The brass screws, matching the yellow elements of the skin, are a nice touch. 

Open cases with P90 | Elite Build

11. Module

Price: $3

With a metallic blue hexagonal pattern, Module is futuristic and eye-catching, without looking over-the-top. Go for the Factory New option to have the blue at its most vibrant—this skin costs more or less the same in every wear condition. Perfect choice if you’re into modern and/or blue CS2 skins. 

Open cases with P90 | Module

12. Shapewood

Price: $1.50–$11

Closing our list of the best P90 skins in CS2 is Shapewood: it won’t suit everyone’s taste, for sure, but it’s unique enough to merit a mention. I mean, when’s the last time you’ve seen a wooden SMG?

The way this skin deteriorates at higher floats is interesting, too: the wood remains mostly unchanged, but the metal parts first show scratches, and later rust. Check it out: 

Open cases with P90 | Shapewood

That’s it for our list—you’ve seen our full list of the best P90 skins in CS2. Hope you found a new look for your SMG and are ready to take it for a spin in the field. And if it’s Emerald Dragon or another expensive skin you’re after, see if you can win it on Key-Drop! 

KeyDrop Team


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