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The 10 Best MP9 Skins in CS2

KeyDrop Team

A strong contender for the title of the best CT-side SMG, the MP9 is a must-have for many players—and luckily, it’s also pretty affordable. Between its reasonable accuracy, good fire rate, decent damage, it’s a versatile weapon and the ultimate run-and-gun choice. Now, let’s get it looking awesome with the best MP9 skins in CS2. 

1. Starlight Protector

Price: $3–$22

Our first skin has the power of a unicorn behind it, making it perhaps the most powerful skin in all of CS2. But seriously, this is a great wrapper that will make you want to eco more often. The Gunsmith finish gives it a lot of depth, capped off with the most stylish unicorn you’ll see this side of the rainbow. Amazing.

Open cases with MP9 | Starlight Protector

2. Food Chain

Price: $1–$8

If you grew up in the 90s (oh god, I’m old, aren’t I?), there’s a good chance that Qui-Gon Jinn saying “there’s always a bigger fish” is etched in your brain courtesy of repeat viewings of The Phantom Menace. Either way, this insanely colorful skin epitomizes that quote, showing a monstrous food chain… Which makes you the ultimate monster? A really cool skin, at an inexpensive price.

Open cases with MP9 | Food Chain

3. Airlock

Price: $2–$10

Counter-Strike is filled with fun sci-fi skins and this is one of them. A bit Mass Effect in vibe and aesthetic, it’s clean and great for white or minimalistic loadouts as well. We like it, and we think that you will too.

Open cases with MP9 | Airlock

4. Mount Fuji

Price: $3–$10

A homage to one of Japan’s national symbols, this skin is artistically awesome with awesome colors to boot courtesy of a matte pink giving the gun an elegant feel that makes it unique among the SMG fray. Really fun and recommended! For more Japan-inspired designs, check out our list of the best Japanese and anime skins in CS2.

Open cases with MP9 | Mount Fuji

5. Hypnotic

Price: $12–$17

This one is really fun! It’s shiny, it has a slightly shifting pattern, and it works well with its theme of hypnotism. While it’s not as distracting enough to get you killed, you’ll definitely try and inspect it a few times, so watch out.

Open cases with MP9 | Hypnotic

6. Bulldozer

Price: $61–$194

One of the more expensive MP9 skins for good reason. The bulldozer looks like it’s named—coming straight from the construction site. (Not to be mistaken with construction—the position.) Really yellow, really vibrant in that yellowness, and really looking like a hand-bulldozer to run over your opponents with.

Open cases with MP9 | Bulldozer

7. Goo

Price: $0.50–$1.50

There used to be this awesome game, World of Goo, and we don’t quite know if this gooey skin is a homage or not, but it sure as heck does look like it. It’s also a good kind of goo, more intriguing than repulsive, which helps. One of the cheaper skins on our list, this one’s fun!

Open cases with MP9 | Goo

8. Hydra

Price: $5–$17

If you love vibrant green skins, this skin is fun. If you like snakes, this skin has some awesome ones. And if you’re going for a mythology vibe, well, this one works as well. A fun, not too expensive addition to any loadout. Unsurprisingly, it also made it onto our list of the best green skins in CS2.

Open cases with MP9 | Hydra

9. Rose Iron

Price: $6–$8

The Rose Iron has a deep black coloring and a beautiful hand-painted style finish that somehow reminds us of the 90s. It’s a good choice for anyone creating a more artsy loadout or something red-black.

Open cases with MP9 | Rose Iron

10. Capillary

Price: $0.10–$0.50

The cheapest skin of the bunch is also one of the coolest. Based our body’s veins, the capillary is a concept skin that works excellently, giving coral and teal accents to the SMG. It’s fun, quirky and a really good choice for a cheap loadout!

Open cases with MP9 | Capillary

…and that’s all for this one, you’ve seen all ten best MP9 skins in CS2. We hope you enjoyed and picked an MP9 out of the bunch. If you feel we missed out on anything, let us know on our socials!

KeyDrop Team


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