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10 Best MAG-7 Skins in CS2

KeyDrop Team

With a limited range and high damage, MAG-7 is very situational but surprisingly effective when used at the right moment. If you can handle yourself just fine with a shotgun, you’ll want it to look the part—here are the best MAG-7 skins in CS2!

1. Justice

Price: $1–$12

We’re starting out strong with Justice—a skin from the Tarot collection by Zaphk, who also brought us such classics as AK-47 | The Empress and M4A4 | The Emperor, among others. 

The design is heavily inspired by the Justice tarot card and features an interesting blue-and-gold color palette, plus several detailed patterns. All in all, a strong contender for the title of the single best MAG-7 skin in CS2. 

Open cases with MAG-7 | Justice

2. Monster Call

Price: $0.30–$1.60

If you like your CS2 skins to tell a story, then Monster Call is the MAG-7 skin for you. The custom-painted design shows a fish (?) being chased by a shark (I think), with other unidentified underwater creatures observing from the sidelines. Great, affordable choice if you’re into this look. 

Open cases with MAG-7 | Monster Call

3. Cinquedea

Price: $600–$1150

Nothing could be further from Monster Call than Cinquedea, both in looks and in price (unfortunately). Cinquedea goes for a renaissance look, which, you have to admit, is pretty unusual for a Counter-Strike skin. The “glass” panels on the sides of the shotgun look surprisingly realistic, too. The name is a reference to a type of short sword popular in 15th- and 16th-century Italy. 

You can find MAG-7 | Cinquedea at cheaper prices on third-party marketplaces, but expect to pay at least $450–$500 nonetheless. If that’s too steep, you can always try to win it on Key-Drop!

Open cases with MAG-7 | Cinquedea

4. BI83 Spectrum

Price: $0.70–$2

Here’s another creative one. BI83 Spectrum features a multicolored pattern that’s meant to resemble bismuth crystals. These are man-made, synthetic “crystals” with iridescent colors arranged in angular patterns—so the design of this skin is pretty realistic. It’s colorful, eye-catching, and very cheap—there’s no reason not to buy it. 

By the way, the symbol of bismuth is Bi and its atomic number is 83—hence the BI83 in the name of the skin. 

Open cases with MAG-7 | BI83 Spectrum

5. Firestarter

Price: $0.50–$3

Firestarter is one of those rare skins that get much, much better at high floats (the one in the image above is around 0.48, so as high as it goes for this skin). Factory New Firestarters look plain and boring—they’re almost completely white, with some scratches and damage showing. But increase the float… and watch the magic happen: 

The higher the float, the more “burnt” this skin looks—or “burning”, really, since the metal appears literally red-hot. It’s a classic for MAG-7 fans. (And you get to have The Prodigy playing in your head every time you equip this skin.)

Open cases with MAG-7 | Firestarter

6. Copper Coated

Price: $0.40–$6

What would a MAG-7 shotgun look like if someone dripped melted copper along the top? Well, Copper Coated is the answer to that question. (It doesn’t explain how come the shotgun still works, but never mind.) The geometric symbols etched into the metal in gold are a nice touch, too. 

Open cases with MAG-7 | Copper Coated

7. SWAG-7

Price: $0.30–$1

Some CS2 skins will only suit you if you’re into a particular aesthetic, and SWAG-7 is definitely one such skin. Even its flavor text seems to confirm this: You either have it or you don’t. This particular swag will only cost you around a dollar, too, so “having it” is within reach for just about everyone. 

Open cases with MAG-7 | SWAG-7

8. Heat

Price: $0.30–$2

We’re back to the theme of burning with Heat, which is supposed to look as if it just came out of the forge. The effect of metal glowing with heat is quite realistic and looks great in-game (much better than in stills). Unlike Firestarter, though, Heat doesn’t get “hotter” as float goes up—the colors lose some vibrancy after 0.30, so it’s best to go for Factory New options. 

Open cases with MAG-7 | Heat

9. Foresight

Price: $0.15

Let your MAG-7 predict the outcome of your every match with Foresight (spoiler alert: it’s permanently set to “win”, but that’s good news for you). This design is a reference to Paul, the common octopus that correctly predicted the results of a bunch of Euro and World Cup matches back in 2008–2010. (Yes, really.) Foresight has an old-school illustration style that’s reminiscent of tarot cards and works surprisingly well on the MAG-7. 

Open cases with MAG-7 | Foresight

10. Bulldozer

Price: $5–$200

Here’s one for the minimalists among you. Bulldozer combines black with that specific shade of yellow you’d see on heavy machinery at a construction site—it even made our list of the best yellow skins in CS2, too. It has a float range of 0.06–0.80, which makes Factory New Bulldozers extremely rare… and expensive, hence the $200 price tag. Don’t worry, though: if you’re not into expensive collectibles, you can get a Minimal Wear Bulldozer for around $18. 

Open cases with MAG-7 | Bulldozer

Found your new favorite MAG-7 skins? Now go out there and shoot’em up! Thanks for reading and have fun on Key-Drop, there are tons of MAG-7 skins to win!

KeyDrop Team


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