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10 Best Tec-9 Skins in CS2

KeyDrop Team

Are you a Tec9-Meister? Do you want to be one with style? Well, we have the best Tec-9 Skins in CS2 for you so that you can do just that. Ready, Olofmeister? Let’s go!

1. Decimator

Price: $10–$43

If you’ve read any of our other reviews, you probably know we’re big Decimator fans, and the Tec-9 is no different. This synthwave skin is a doozy for any fan of vibrant colors, and fits well with other skins in the collection. For our money, the best Tec-9 skin. But hey, you might have a different take, so keep on reading the list!

Open cases with Tec-9 | Decimator

2. Fuel Injector

Price: $2–$10

If you like more down-to-earth skins yet still want a little bit of color, the Fuel Injector is an awesome choice (especially that it has a matching AK-47 skin to boot), with an industrial feel to it. It would fit well in any rugged or yellow skin collection.

Open cases with Tec-9 | Fuel Injector

3. Remote Control

Price: $1–$6

Very much within the used future vibe of the likes of Star Wars, the Remote Control is a cool skin with a lot of detail, courtesy of the intricate buttons and such. It’s really fun for any futuristic setups and won’t set you back loads, so it’s a good one!

Open cases with Tec-9 | Remote Control

4. Bamboozle

Price: $0.30–$1.50

The idea behind this is apparently that the Tec is supposed to be masquerading as a piece of bamboo? Or a palm tree? We’re not sure, but its green color and subtle detailing make it really nice, even if in-game it’ll stick out like a sore thumb anywhere that isn’t Ancient.

Open cases with Tec-9 | Bamboozle

5. Avalanche

Price: $0.60–$4

Snowboarding is cool, right? Because this skin definitely has a snowboarding vibe with its blue accents and “speedy” art. It looks like it’s straight from a SSX loading screen, and that’s cool!

Open cases with Tec-9 | Avalanche

6. Fubar

Price: $0.10–$1

Remember that scene in Saving Private Ryan? You don’t know the movie? Oh well, you’re old. FUBAR is military slang for “f***ed up beyond all recognition”, and we don’t know why somebody would insult this skin like this! It’s a nice military skin that we actually really like. Stop insulting your own skins, people!

Open cases with Tec-9 | Fubar

7. Ice Cap

Price: $0.10–$0.50

A great choice for any Arctic explorers out there, the Ice Cap has an icy blue finish that will fit any kind of blue or blue-and-white loadout. It’s not very detailed or intricate, but hey, not everything has to be. It’s a beaut.

Open cases with Tec-9 | Ice Cap

8. Sandstorm

Price: $0.30–$1.35

I won’t make the Darude joke… I won’t make the Dar… DUDUUDUDUDU!

The Sandstorm is a fun skin on top of its name. Its matte purple with sandy accents will really fit any Egyptian-themed loadout, and of course, any purple CS2 loadout. We love it!

Open cases with Tec-9 | Sandstorm

9. Brass

Price: $3–$65

This one is minimalistic… and that works! Its copper coloring and simplicity will really fit well in medieval and minimalistic loadouts. The only issue is that given its connection, it’s a bit expensive.

Open cases with Tec-9 | Brass

10. Isaac

Price: $2–$10

Fun and futuristic are the best ways to describe this skin. Red and black, it gives off a bit of a Mass Effect vibe, while its name refers to the Asiimov giving the author’s first name to explain the differing colorway. Awesome for sci-fi setups.

Open cases with Tec-9 | Isaac

So, did you like our choice of Tec-9s? If you feel like we missed something, head to our socials to tell us. Otherwise, what are you waiting for? Go do your best Olofmeister impression!

KeyDrop Team


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