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10 Best AUG Skins in CS2

KeyDrop Team

Enjoy using the CoD gun? No judgments here: if that’s what works for you and the scope helps you get kills, more power to you! Make your rifle look the part with the best AUG skins out there: here’s our selection. 

1. Syd Mead

Price: $1.50–$8

Syd Mead was an American designer and concept artist, whose work you can admire in Blade Runner, Tron, Aliens, and… this Counter-Strike skin, among other things. His futuristic concept art inspired countless sci-fi movies and games, including Mass Effect and Cyberpunk, and thanks to this (very affordable) skin, it can transform your AUG, too! 

Open cases with AUG | Syd Mead

2. Chameleon

Price: $2–$5

Simple but instantly recognizable, this skin features a green chameleon catching a fly and not doing the best job of blending in with the background. The chameleon is on the stock of the rifle, so unfortunately you won’t see much of it in game, but it’s still a cool-looking design, especially for a dark loadout. 

Open cases with AUG | Chameleon

3. Arctic Wolf

Price: $1–$6

Arctic Wolf is something of a fan-favorite, often mentioned as the best low-budget AUG skin in CS2. It depicts layers of an arctic wolf’s fur that gradually go from white to dark gray, with a small portion of the dark-blue background visible on the stock. The red details are a nice touch, too, as is the paw print (…see if you can find it). Great choice for well under $10. 

Open cases with AUG | Arctic Wolf

4. Akihabara Accept

Price: $440–$4300+

The most expensive AUG skin out there, Akihabara Accept, will make your rifle look like the cover of an anime magazine. The name of this skin references the famous Akihabara district of Tokyo, known for is countless anime, manga, and electronics stores. I’d say it’s a must-have for anime fans, but at over $4k for Factory New, few players will be able to add it to their collection. Try your luck with cases containing Akihabara Accept on Key-Drop, and check out our list of the other anime skins in CS2—many of them are way more affordable. 

Open cases with AUG | Akihabara Accept

5. Aristocrat

Price: $0.50–$2

Aristocrat is elegant in its simplicity and complex in design, featuring a royal blue base coat with detailed “silver” ornaments. The 3D effect on the latter looks pretty good in-game, and Aristocrat only costs around a dollar or two—so if you’re into blue CS2 skins, there’s no reason to pass it up. 

Open cases with AUG | Aristocrat

6. Torque

Price: $8–$13

Back to more modern designs. Originally named Progressiv by its creator, Torque combines white, black, and neon yellow to achieve a futuristic, eye-catching look that’s supposedly inspired by robotics. If you like this AUG design, you can get a matching USP-S | Torque skin for under $2. 

Open cases with AUG | Torque

7. Midnight Lily

Price: $300–$1000+

Midnight Lily may not look like much in a still image… But watch what happens in-game:

The paint on the flowers changes color depending on the lighting, making this design dynamic and a lot more interesting than it seems at first glance. Is it interesting enough to warrant the (St. Marc Collection-level) price tag? That is for you to decide. 

Open cases with AUG | Midnight Lily

8. Momentum

Price: $1–$21

Another one for players who prefer modern-looking skins. Momentum has a futuristic look, thanks to its combination of colors and the angular pattern of arrows on the stock. Note that it’s a Custom Paint Job skin, so it’s worth paying a little extra for the Factory New condition, to ensure the design is complete and looking its best. 

Open cases with AUG | Momentum

9. Plague

Price: $0.50–$1

If you’re into the horror aesthetic or the darker side of fantasy, Plague should catch your eye. Between the dark, rusty background and the slightly unsettling imagery of the silver patterns, there’s a lot to like here. 

Open cases with AUG | Plague

10. Tom Cat

Price: $0.20

We’re back to futuristic themes with Tom Cat. The titular feline can be found on the stock of the rifle, in the form of a cartoon/graffiti. Next to the cat, you’ll notice a tag reading “thunderstorm”, which is the original name of this skin. Tom Cat has a rugged, urban look—the addition of black “wires” along the side of the rifle adds character, too. 

Open cases with AUG | Tom Cat

Tom Cat was the last entry on our list of the best AUG skins in CS2. Have you found something to suit your AUG and your loadout? Enjoy your new skin and, as always, have fun on Key-Drop! 

KeyDrop Team


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