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Top 7 Cheapest CS2 Knives in 2024

KeyDrop Team

With CS2 out, a popular question has to be “what is the cheapest CS2 knife”? After all, who doesn’t want a blade to signify their status as a CS2 aficionado? So, if you’re looking for affordable knives, we’ve got you covered with this handy guide to the cheapest CS2 knives.

First thing’s first. In this article, we’ll show the cheapest knife models, and cheap finishes for each of them. After all, if we just went for particular skins, it’s very likely that Shadow Daggers and Navaja Knives or Rust Coats and Boreal Forests would populate most of it. That’s why: one knife, one knife skin for each of our top 7 cheapest CS2 knives.

Cheapest CS2 Knives: Top Picks

1. Navaja Knife | Boreal Forest ($80–$90)


We did warn you that the Navaja Knife would end up here, and this particular one costs under $100. It’s not the most beautiful or gripping, it’s debatable whether it’s nicer than the default knife, but hey, it’s surely more expensive.

So if you’re a camo lover who believes good things can come in small packages, this one is perfect for you and might be worth a tryin’.

Check out the Navaja Knife | Boreal Forest skin

2. Shadow Daggers | Rust Coat ($90–$110)


The Shadow Daggers have always been a choice where your mileage not only may, but definitely will vary. Some love the unique two-knife design, while others compare them to some NSFW toys.

The Rust Coat doubles down on that YMMV aspect of the skin, presenting a dirty look that may fit in perfectly in a post-apocalyptic skin collection. If your vibe is giving your enemies tetanus with every stab, these knives are for you.

Check out the Shadow Daggers | Rust Coat skin

3. Gut Knife | Safari Mesh ($91–$140)


If you were ever looking for a big knife that will be able to blend in relatively well when playing the likes of Mirage, Anubis, but also Ancient (and Aztec if it ever returns), the Safari Mesh is the perfect skin for you, offering a perfectly muddy color palette that will work well with just about any wall.

That said, the Gut Knife does have some cool animations, and if you don’t mind its bulky shape, it’s definitely the first of our “less memey” knife models on display.

Check out the Gut Knife | Safari Mesh skin

4. Survival Knife | Scorched ($101–$145)


Now we’re getting somewhere! The Survival Knife is a really cool and unique design, and although we’re in the over $100 range, this one is definitely a bargain. While the finish might not be the most beautiful, it won’t burn your eyes (pun definitely intended), and will give you some cool animations and a beautiful blade to play around with.

Check out the Survival Knife | Scorched skin

5. Paracord Knife | Urban Masked ($107–$319)


With Factory New knives going for insane prices, this skin is still cheap at lower floats, and it’s a heck of a deal. While the finish is pretty bland, the knife design is absolutely top-tier, with a futuristic edge to it.

If you’re looking for a budget skin that looks far more expensive than it actually is, this Paracord is perfect for you!

Check out the Paracord Knife | Urban Masked skin

6. Bowie Knife | Ultraviolet ($118–$365)


If you ever felt like you needed to roleplay an American pioneer, this cheap knife is bound to tickle your fancy. That unique look fits well with various loadouts, and the ultraviolet design makes the Bowie gives it an additional dark vibe.

Oh! One more fun fact: David Bowie’s stage name comes from this knife.

Check out the Bowie Knife | Ultraviolet skin

7. Falchion Knife | Night ($128–$188)


Love knives that flip open? Well, The Falchion is the cheapest of the flippies and it looks really clean in the Night finish. While, like most cheap knives, it’s rather subtle and lacks some vibrance, it more than makes up for it with some cool animations and a beautiful profile.

Check out the Falchion Knife | Night skin

Cheapest CS2 Knife Skins for Each Knife Type

We know that this list is hardly complete. After all, you might be looking out for a specific knife type, like the cheapest butterfly knife in CS2. That’s why we’ve also created a list for all the knives we haven’t listed above, containing the cheapest skin for each CS2 knife type. Click the links below to check out each skin and see which Key-Drop cases have it!

How to Get Cheap CS2 Knives?

When looking for the cheapest knives in CS2, you should definitely check out both the Steam and external marketplaces for great deals—who knows, you might see one of these knives cheaper than expected! And if you’re feeling fortunate, you can click one of the links above and try your luck on Key-Drop.

KeyDrop Team


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