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Mills Map in CS2: New CS2 Map Guide

KeyDrop Team

Set in the Netherlands, Mills is a map that answers the question: what if Inferno was a labyrinth. This map is very large and full of nooks and crannies that make it much harder to master than the other new 5v5 map in CS2, Thera.

In this guide, we’ll try to figure out the best ways to play the map, however, with limited knowledge about the smokes and mollies (we’ll leave that for the pro), this guide will be basic pointers that we’ll be expanding in time. So, here’s your quick guide to the new Mills map in CS2!


The map itself is built on what we’d call a very quirky three lane design. In that way, it’s similar to the likes of Mirage, Cache, or the aforementioned Thera. However, the lanes are designed in a way that favors a playstyle we know from Inferno.

Mills Map CS2 - Outline
Source: Steam Workshop

Both bombsites have an entrance from CT, and T-Side (obviously), but only A-Site has a real entrance from mid, while B-Site’s entrance requires running all the way into the belly-of-the-beast, sort of like A-Short on Inferno.


We feel that tactically, the CTs on A have two choices, to either stay pat and defend the site from deep positions, or to take the surroundings of the Truck and treat it like Apartments on Inferno A-Site. A forward position may shut down a lot of options for the Terrorists and open up options for taking middle aggressively. Additionally, it will pressure the CTs into playing in tight positions. Do note however that truck has two positions to enter from, meaning that the best aggression would be to get into the warehouse building next to the truck. That however is hard, as the basic timing sees terrorists arrive there 5 seconds before the CTs, meaning utility will be needed for the full-aggression maneuver, while the semi-aggression will require two players to hold the angle hard and hope that Mid and CT will be covered by their teammates.

Playing safe has its advantages too, though. A single player can pretty much hold the Main entrance to the side, while the one from middle is very much a gauntlet for the Ts, with a CT being able to hide in a lot of different corners, and then some. This means that you’ll need awesome coordination and utility usage to commit to the attack, which might be hard in PUGs.


B-Site also reminds us of Inferno, with a site with only two real entrances, flanking tactics, and a Banana of sorts. However, unlike Inferno, the Ts are not pressured from anything like an AWP from Mid, meaning they’re free to set up in their Main entrance and get their utility going without having to run through any sort of gauntlet. They also have an extremely powerful defensive position in the stable overlooking the bridge that enters into the site. This means that CTs trying aggression will need A LOT of utility, even if they don’t have to worry about a flank as much.

Also, pro-tip when defending the site from near the water: watch out when jiggling. As we playtested the map with our team, a lot of our colleagues died in the water attempting to defend B from that position.

The T-Side isn’t easy either, however. If you don’t read the CT play, you may end up losing control over that part of the map completely, and facing a stack in turn. Or if you forgo info plays you may run into a defensive B-Stack sitting around all the nooks and crannies and waiting to strike. This isn’t Dust II, you can’t rush in on a single flash and a molly, you’ll need information and a proper execute.

Mills CS2 Map 2
Source: Steam Workshop


The battle for Mid will be HARD for both sides, but particularly for the T’s, as the CTs have the better angles, and are able to cover off the attack from both T entrances with a single player. That doesn’t mean that a crossfire won’t be set up from the side-entrance. This means that the Ts need at least two smokes to get any kind of upper hand on mid.

CTs on the other hand can play very passive and let it happen, just like mid on inferno. This makes every round a chess match, that will be hard to coordinate and predict in PUG play.


The Mills map in CS2 is far more complex than Thera, but an awesome place to build your team play and test out new concepts. We’re not sure whether it will be ever added into the Premier map pool, but if it is, be sure to practice these basic tips and tricks to do the best you can in this Dutch wonderland!

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