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Thera Map in CS2: New CS2 Map Guide

KeyDrop Team

de_santorini is back, baby! Under a different name, but it’s back! And we’re ready to tell you all about the newest map, Thera (aka the Greek name for Santorini). Here’s our guide to the Thera map in CS2!


Created by FMPONE (of Cache fame) and MF_Kitten, this map uses a tried and trusted three-lane map layout to create a really fun and quirky map that we believe will be in the Premier pool sooner than later.

The map uses a classic three lane layout, most similar to Mirage and Cache, with spawns placed between the bombsites, and a middle lane complete with a window and access to both A & B.

It also features an underpass similar to the one from Overpass, and a lot of level changes we know and love from Cobble or Train. In a way, it’s a mix of the best of both CS “design worlds”, keeping the core gameplay loop many people love (and that is great for PUGs!), while also exploring the more quirky aspects of newer maps.

Below, we’ll give you a few very basic tips and tricks on playing Thera. We don’t know the smoke lineups, or anything like that yet (we leave that to the pros), but we’ll be editing those in when they come. However, what we can give you is general tactical tips and pointers on how to play around on the Thera map in CS2.

Thera CS2 Map 2
Source: Steam Workshop


A Site has five main entrances, one through CT-Spawn and Window Room, one through mid under Window, two from Underpass, and one from the T-Side of Mid. This makes mid absolutely crucial for control and may prompt aggression from the CTs in order to get it, similar to Ancient. What makes the “safer” T entrance from mid a bit less invasive is that it can easily be covered off along with the A-Main entrance from T-Spawn.

What also helps is the favorable spawn for the CTs. Before the Terrorists can even get into position, the CTs can take Underpass (which has one entrance), and be aggressive on middle. Both sides take around 10–15 seconds to reach the same position, but the CTs will have the ability to drop good utility earlier due to the way the angles work approaching both positions. Additionally, the CTs will have an ability to hold mid easily before the Ts get there—think Mirage and Cache. A site also has a lot of nooks and crannies for CTs to hide in, even if they decide to play passive, making it a hard take without mid-control and utility. We’re even willing to say, a proper attack on A will be impossible without taking mid from the CTs, as you’ll need the mid-side entrance clear in order for any split to be successful.


B is one of the most fun sites in all of CS in a way. It’s filled with boost opportunities on the approach, and can be defended both aggressively and passively. With only two main entrances (and a risky drop) to the plant area itself, we can’t wait to see how the meta shapes up on this one.

The approach is riddled with ledges and boost opportunities, reminding us of A Long on Cobble. This site can be handled by one anchor or three aggressive players on the CT-side, and doesn’t require as much mid control as A from the Ts, making it potentially fascinating to watch. 

The main thing to consider is defending the B platform directly overlooking the bomb site. If terrorists boost on to it, they open plenty of options to change the round completely by taking mid through B, dropping onto the bomb site itself and more. It’s also a very hard site to retake, just like B on Mirage or Cache.


We did say the battle for Mid is key, and in this case, we’d say it’s absolutely crucial, to the tune of “If you lose Mid, you lose the round.” That’s why, both passive and aggressive setups must be thought through. Aggressive setups will rob terrorists of one of their ways into A-Site, while not changing much for B. Passive rounds will allow them into A (which is easy to stop with the right setup), while stopping them from entering B entirely, unless smoked off. The utility will change a lot here, and we expect the battles to be far more CT-sided at PUG level, compared to pro play where smokes and mollies will define the next steps.

For Terrorists, the most important thing is to know when to take Mid. Plays for B are possible without taking mid, if coordinated correctly, but plays for A become very, very hard when the CTs play high up. That’s why you should always scout out the CT’s positions before committing to a site. If they’re playing high up, A might be impossible to take. If they’re playing low, you might just force some uncomfortable rotations. The map also offers Ts some absolutely amazing lurking opportunities on both sites, as the level changes will help you pick up the audio queues needed for a perfect backstab.


Thera is a great addition to the CS2 map pool, bringing both an easy-to-understand layout for the casuals, and a depth of tactics for the pros. While the map is still being explored by people far more competitive than us, sticking to Counter-strike basics on Santorini 2.0 will result in some really fun CS2. If you have any questions, let us know on our socials, and until then… Good luck on the Thera map in CS2, and have fun checking out all the other new CS2 maps added in June 2024!

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