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The Best CS2 Cases To Open in 2024

KeyDrop Team

What is the best-case scenario in CS2? Scoring an insanely rare skin is the best-case scenario, but how do we get there? What are the best CS2 cases to open?

Well, we’ve divided the cases into two categories. Best value for money and best high-risk cases. We’ll also give you similar Key-Drop cases that would help you find similar skins with higher odds!

What Makes a Case Good?

Let’s start with talking about CS2 case odds. All cases in CS2 have the same odds (we won’t be talking about capsules), with Souvenir cases having a slightly different breakdown.

CS2 Case Odds

Skin RarityRegular CS2 Case Odds
Mil-Spec (Navy Blue)79.92%
Restricted (Purple)15.98%
Classified (Pink)3.2%
Covert (Red)0.64%
Exceedingly Rare (Gold)0.26%
CS2 Case Odds for Regular Cases

For Souvenir Packages, it’s a bit different, with Consumer and Industrial Grade skins also being available. This means that for those cases, the following applies:

Skin RaritySouvenir CS2 Case Odds
Consumer (Gray)80%
Industrial (Blue)16%
Mil-Spec (Navy Blue)3.2%
Restricted (Purple)0.64%
Classified (Pink)0.128%
Covert (Red)0.026%
CS2 Case Odds for Souvenir Cases

So, as you can see, the Souvenir odds are much worse. In fact, you’ll statistically get a Knife or Gloves 1 in 385 times from a regular case, while to get the best Souvenir skin, your odds are around 1 in 3850.

Unlike Weapon Cases, Souvenir cases don’t require additional keys to open, making them technically cheaper, but they’re still way less likely to bring about any kind of profit.

Ah yes, keys! Each key costs $2.50, so you’ll have to add that on to the price of a case if you want to open it. We’ll be giving case prices without the keys, but using key price to calculate potential profits.

So what makes cases good? Higher odds of getting an expensive skin. This means that if a given case has a valuable Restricted skin, it will be more valuable than one that has weaker skins. With that out of the way, let’s get into our rankings:

Best CS2 Cases: Value for Money

In this category, we’ll explore the best CS2 cases when it comes to getting the most from your investment. We’ll look at cases that give you the best shot for a value for money skin, assuming that the odds will be slightly in your favor.

Horizon Case

horizon cs2 case

Case Price: $0.84

Costing you only $3.34 a pop (including the key price), this is on the cheaper side but still features some amazing skins including the AK-47 | Neon Rider, M4A1-S | Nightmare and Desert Eagle | Code Red, with each skin well priced. 

As long as you hit Classified or above (that’s about a 5% chance), you’ll make a massive profit, and you won’t lose much on the Restricted weapons either (around $0.50 with Steam Tax at most)—meaning you have a 20% chance of just around breaking even. Plus, it even has some knives worth more than $1000!

Key-Drop Alternative: Perfect Case

For $3.25 you get a 0.4% chance of getting a knife, and a 0.012% chance of getting a knife that costs over $1000 (note that Valve does not disclose the odds of getting a specific skin). Your chances of getting your money back are also higher than when it comes to in-game cases. | Perfect Case

Open the Perfect Case on Key-Drop

Shadow Case 

shadow cs2 case

Case Price: $0.94

Sporting two extremely expensive Covert skins in the USP-S | Kill Confirmed and M4A1-S | Golden Coil, along with some nice Classified skins and Restricted skins that will make you break even, this collection has some of the weaker knives, but if you’re not going high-risk, it’s a good start.

Key-Drop Alternative: Viper Case

At $3.90, similarly to the Shadowcase, this isn’t about the specials but the odds of breaking even and making profit. At around 18% to keep going and high odds for profit, as well as a shot at expensive gloves or AK-47 | Wild Lotus, this one is a great choice. | Viper Case

Open the Viper Case on Key-Drop

Falchion Case

falchion cs2 case

Case Price: $1.03

At $3.50 a pop with some good skins at each tier and two excellent Covert skins in the AK-47 | Aquamarine Revenge and AWP | Hyper Beast, this case is another great bang-for-the buck for mid-tier wins. While the Falchion Knives aren’t the most expensive, they’re still decent for a one dollar case.

Key-Drop Alternative: Lord Case

With high chances for knives and other top-tier skins, and a 20% return at worst, this case can be doubled down on a lot, as you look for knives, gloves and the coveted AWP | Fade. And it only costs $3.94. | Lord Case

Open the Lord Case on Key-Drop

Revolution Case

revolution cs2 case

Case Price: $0.34

This one basically only costs you a key, and you’ll get plenty of skins that break you even, with an excellent headliner in the M4A4 | Temukau and a fun supporting act in the AK-47 | Head Shot. With good lower-tier skins giving you a solid return, and a shot at gloves worth $5000+, this case really balances high-reward with considerably lower risk.

Key-Drop Alternative: Toxic Case 

For $1.41, with a decent chance at getting your money back and then some, the Toxic Case is a slow-and-steady dream. You won’t go all in, but you’ll have a decent chance of scoring some good skins. If you’re lucky, of course. | Toxic Case

Open the Toxic Case on Key-Drop

Best CS2 Cases: High Risk, High Reward

Gamma 2 Case

gamma 2 cs2 case

Case Price: $2.12

Look, if you’re looking for a not-so-high-risk but high reward case, the Gamma 2 doesn’t have the best skins on any tier, but it does have some of the absolute best knives available at a not-so-high price. With the opportunity to hit one of the Gamma Dopplers, if you’re looking for a moonshot, you can win thousands of dollars… if you’re lucky enough.

Key-Drop Alternative: Swap Case

For $3.12, the stakes are lower, but the odds are still higher. You either get a good skin, or a bad skin. 2% shot at a knife worth $125. Will you take it? | Swap Case

Open the Swap Case on Key-Drop

Operation Broken Fang Case

operation broken fang cs2 case

Case Price: $4.67

It’s getting expensive, but with Broken Fang, you have a shot at a pretty expensive M4A1-S | Printstream and… Gloves. A lot of Gloves, with the best ones being worth thousands of dollars. At $7 a pop, the price isn’t that bad given the potential return.

Key-Drop Alternative: Rocket Case

For $4.05, cheaper than the Gamma 2, this is the definition of high risk, high reward. 97.6% of the time you get a shoddy shotgun, but 2.4% of the time, you’ll get a knife, with a decent shot at a valuable Bayonet | Gamma Doppler. | Rocket Case

Open the Rocket Case on Key-Drop

Operation Hydra Case

operation hydra cs2 case

Case Price: $18.41

The Hydra Case is our most expensive case of the set, but it features some real bangers in the higher tiers, and most importantly, the Sport Gloves | Pandora’s Box which are perhaps the most sought after gloves in all of Counter-Strike, making this the definition of high risk (at over $20 a pop) and high reward.

Key-Drop Alternative: Dream Case 

For $19.48, this one is a doozy. With double the odds of the Hydra Case of getting a knife and 5% odds of getting a skin worth triple the entry price, this case is fun for high-risk folks, and gives much better odds than any CS2 case out there. By far the best CS2 case to open, if you’re willing to take the risk. | Dream Case

Open the Dream Case on Key-Drop

Souvenir Cases

All Souvenir Cases are high risk and extremely high reward. As we’ve discussed, the odds of scoring the best skins are very low, making it a questionable investment, but if you do go for it, we’d recommend the Parisian ones, as they’re the cheapest and if you hit the right skin, you can walk away with a big jackpot.

An Alternative to Cases

As you can see, good cases are still… not the best when it comes to odds. If you need certain odds (particularly higher ones), there’s always the Key-Drop Upgrader, where you can set up the odds you want in a fun, engaging way. If you love cases, however, we’d still advise you to head to our website and look around. Whether you’re a high-roller or a low-baller, you’ll still find something you’re gonna like. And remember to check out our post on how to get CS2 cases, with a bunch of paid and free ways to obtain skins!

KeyDrop Team


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