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12 Best FAMAS Skins in CS2

KeyDrop Team

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. The words “best” and “FAMAS skins” don’t really go together. Fair enough—in all honesty, Counter-Strike has suffered from a major lack of great FAMAS skins, especially compared with the design love that some of the other rifles are getting. The cheapest CT-side AR didn’t even get a new skin with the 2024 Kilowatt Case. But hey, this doesn’t mean there aren’t any decent FAMAS skins in CS2 at all! Here are our top picks, maybe you can find something to your liking. 

1. Pulse

Price: $6–$7

Let’s start with something vibrant and colorful. Pulse features simple geometric patterns in an interesting color scheme of purples and pinks. The colors are definitely the strong point of this design, especially the bright highlights. No wonder it made our list of the best purple skins in CS2 as well. 

Open cases with FAMAS | Pulse

2. Valence

Price: $2–$7

With a gray base and bright red and orange accents, Valence looks modern and pretty eye-catching for a FAMAS skin. The contrast between these colors will be most prominent in Factory New, of course, but Valence looks interesting in high floats, too—it has a worn, distressed look that works pretty well: 

Open cases with FAMAS | Valence

3. Survivor Z

Price: $0.15–$0.60

Speaking of worn and distressed, Survivor Z pretty much starts out that way. It’ll make your FAMAS look as if it has put thousands of zombies out of their misery in the hands of a skilled, well, Survivor. It’s a great choice for a post-apocalyptic loadout, and it’s very affordable—it costs well under a dollar, which is why we also featured it on our list of the best cheap skins in CS2

Open cases with FAMAS | Survivor Z

4. Mecha Industries

Price: $3–$9

If survival is not for you, how about a bit of sci-fi? Mecha Industries clearly belongs in a space colony somewhere out in the far reaches of the Milky Way, thanks to its modern color scheme, patterns, and accents like the warning signs above the magazine or the tiny barcode near the stock. Good choice if you’re going for a futuristic look. 

Open cases with FAMAS | Mecha Industries

5. ZX Spectron

Price: $1–$7

From the future to retro: the design of ZX Spectron is an homage to vintage gaming computers. The inspiration for this skin was the 8-bit home computer ZX Spectrum, released in 1982. The black body, colored stripes, red writing, and name of this skin are all direct references to the ZX Spectrum’s design. 

All in all, it looks pretty cool if you’re into that kind of thing (or building a retro loadout). And the small “window” in the magazine is a nice touch. The skin’s creator, S.H.A.D.O.W, designed a whole collection of ZX Spectron skins, though so far, only the FAMAS made it into the game. 

Open cases with FAMAS | ZX Spectron

6. Styx

Price: $2–$9

Styx’ combination of a bright-red base with a detailed pattern of skulls and bones gives us an interesting, if a little generic, CS2 skin. Perhaps it feels a little unoriginal because the skulls used in this design also appear in a bunch of other Valve-made skins, such as the AWP | Acheron, P250 | Contamination, or Glock-18 | Nuclear Garden, among others. 

Still, in the context of FAMAS skins, Styx could be a good choice. The name is a reference to the principal river of Hades, the Greek Underworld—it separates the realm of the dead from the land of the living. Fitting enough, given that the main thing you’ll be doing with your FAMAS is killing your enemies. 

Open cases with FAMAS | Styx

7. Neural Net

Price: $1–$2

Many of the decent FAMAS skins in CS2 seem to go with a red color theme, so let’s shake things up with a yellow one. (Though if red’s your thing, check out our guide to the best red CS2 skins later.) 

Neural Net is a pretty simple skin, with a geometric yellow-and-gray pattern and a bit of wear around the edges. Fun fact: it was designed by SLIMEface, best known for creating the Bloodsport skin series. 

Open cases with FAMAS | Neural Net

8. Commemoration

Price: $11–$20

This gold FAMAS skin commemorates 20 years of Counter-Strike. Designed to look like a medal or commemorative coin, it lists all CS maps on the stock and features a military-style emblem with a 5-stack team. The wooden grip is an interesting detail, too. 

Open cases with FAMAS | Commemoration

9. Waters of Nephthys

Price: $32–$125

Finally, a blue one! This skin may seem basic in a still picture, but it looks much cooler in action, especially with the Source 2 lighting effects. In the game, the shades of blue on this skin change and shift depending on the light, much like on a holo sticker. In fact, many players add blue holo stickers to this skin to make it even more shiny. If you’re into blue loadouts, check out our list of the best blue skins in CS2

Nephthys was an Ancient Egyptian goddess who symbolized, among other things, the death experience. By the way, if you think “Nephthys” is a mouthful, did you know what FAMAS actually stands for? “Fusil d’Assaut de la Manufacture d’Armes de Saint-Étienne”. Yeah. 

Open cases with FAMAS | Waters of Nephthys

10. Djinn

Price: $2–$14

Djinn features a black base with engraved steel inlays, including one that depicts the titular Djinn. The character (also known as a Jinn) is a spirit from Arabic mythology, invisible to humans but able to influence human choices and lives. Anyway, in the skin’s design, the Djinn appears to have horns, is holding dual swords, and kind of looks like a character out of the early Diablo games. Good choice if you’re going for a toned-down, dark loadout. 

Open cases with FAMAS | Djinn

11. Eye of Athena

Price: $3–$13

What shows a mechanized owl and looks a lot like a completed page from a stress-relief coloring book? That’s right, the Eye of Athena FAMAS skin. It’s one of the more intricate designs for the FAMAS and features an interesting color scheme of yellows, grays, and browns, with a touch of green. 

Nerd corner: in Greek mythology, Athena was the goddess of wisdom and warfare, and she was often depicted as an owl. Hence, the name and design of this skin (and “wise” owls in cartoons and kids’ stories). 

Open cases with FAMAS | Eye of Athena

12. Roll Cage

Price: $2–$17

Inspired by racing and rally imagery (and part of the Rally collection by kosear), Roll Cage combines black, red, and white paintwork with “sponsor” logos and other details you’d expect to see on a rally car. Perhaps the coolest aspect of this design is the “dirt” that covers parts of the rifle. 

By the way, if you’re wondering what a “roll cage” is, it’s a frame built into a car to protect the occupants from getting injured in case of the car rolling over. 

Open cases with FAMAS | Roll Cage

Still think there are no good FAMAS skins in CS2? Hopefully, at least one of these caught your eye—if not, well, there are lots of great CS2 skins for the M4A4… Have fun on Key-Drop, and thanks for reading! 

KeyDrop Team


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