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MP5 vs. MP7 in CS2: Which Should I Equip?

KeyDrop Team

The MP5-SD and MP7 are two SMGs you can choose to load out. While no longer mutually exclusive, taking up two spots for both in your mid-tier weapon spots may not be the best idea. In this article, we’ll explore the difference between the two, and which one you should choose to fit your playstyle—MP5 vs. MP7?

MP5 vs. MP7: Overview

Shooting modelSmaller recoil pattern, bigger movement inaccuracyBigger recoil pattern, smaller movement inaccuracy
Base damage2729
Additional traitsSilencer, faster movement speedNo silencer, slower movement speed
MP5 vs. MP7: An Overview

As you can see, the general gist of the two weapons is that one is a “guns blazing” type, and the other is a “sneaky-beaky” one. Unlike the M4A4 vs. M4A1-S debacle, this one isn’t settled on the pro scene, and there’s no price difference, making this truly a matter of preference. We’ll describe the playstyles you need to have for each weapon, because at the end of the day, it’s up to you.

MP7: Details

The MP7 is often used on force buys against armored opponents, and it’s probably better on the T-Side than the CT-Side due to its movement accuracy benefits and general lack of subtlety.

Great for rushing sites and making yourself a hard target to hit. If you’re an aggressive CT, it’s also a great choice to rush the terrorists and take them by surprise. However, if you don’t play too aggressively, the MP7 might leave you hanging in taking longer-range fights and trying to hold an angle.

MP5-SD: Details

The MP5-SD is great for a CT anchor or lurker because of its silencer and relatively higher accuracy. It’s also good for playing around smokes due to the lack of tracers, and being silent, making you harder to track.

The disadvantages come when running and gunning, with big movement inaccuracy, you won’t be able to fully take advantage of the SMG, making it more of an underpowered rifle than anything. So, if you’re impatient, definitely go for the MP7.

Should I Equip Both?

Equipping both is only good if you don’t really plan on using too many of the other mid-tier weapons. We’d advise keeping an XM1014, MAG-7/Nova, an MP9/MAC-10, and P90 beside one of the two other MPs. So if you don’t ever use any of these weapons, swapping them out for an MP7 or MP5 might be a good idea. Otherwise, you should probably stick to one. You can also equip one for CT side and one for T side. The sky’s the limit here. What we would advise, however, is not to read into these articles too much. Play around with both guns and see which one works better. That way, you’ll play CS2 the way it’s meant to be played—that is, your way!

So, MP5 vs. MP7 in CS2: which weapon did you choose? Be sure to tell us on our socials if you have the chance!

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