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15 Best Galil AR Skins in CS2

KeyDrop Team

At $1800, the Galil is a much cheaper choice than the AK-47, so it’s the go-to alternative for broke Ts (who don’t want to use an SMG) and those who want to get a rifle and utilities in the same round. Anyway, whether you use it out of necessity or genuine preference, your Galil needs to look the part! Here are the best Galil AR skins in CS2 to consider for your next match. 

1. Chromatic Aberration

Price: $1–$11

Let’s start with the instantly recognizable Chromatic Aberration, which features off-set graphics that are quite dizzying to look at. With vibrant colors, an original idea, and lots of cool details, Chromatic Aberration is easily one of the best Galil skins in CS2. 

For more of the same, check out the matching AWP | Chromatic Aberration and SSG 08 | Parallax

Open cases with Galil AR | Chromatic Aberration

2. Connexion

Price: $0.35–$1.50

This DIY-looking skin is an homage to the Phoenix Connexion, which is the oldest Terrorist faction in Counter-Strike. The combination of brick-red and off-white works perfectly on a T-side rifle, as do the stencilled details like the Phoenix logo on the side. 

For a fully themed look, consider combining Connexion with a Phoenix agent skin, like Slingshot or even Soldier

Open cases with Galil AR | Connexion

3. Signal

Price: $0.50–$1.50

We’re heading into more modern-looking territory with Signal, which combines dark blue, black, and bright red in a futuristic, hexagonal pattern. Simple, effective, and definitely eye-catching, Signal even made our list of the best red skins in CS2—and all that for only around a dollar!

Open cases with Galil AR | Signal

4. Rocket Pop

Price: $0.30–$8

Another modern-looking skin, Rocket Pop uses an interesting palette of rather muted shades of blue combined with white and red accents. Add to that the angular patterns that appear on all parts of the rifle, and you’ve got yourself a futuristic, straightforward skin that’ll only cost you around $1 in Field-Tested condition. Great choice! 

Open cases with Galil AR | Rocket Pop

5. Crimson Tsunami

Price: $1.50–$3

Crimson Tsunami features sea waves on a red background, in a surprisingly warm combination of colors. The skin has a distinctively Japanese style reminiscent of traditional art, especially the famous Great Wave off Kanagawa painting by Katsushika Hokusai. Detailed and beautifully designed, this skin really stands out in-game. 

Open cases with Galil AR | Crimson Tsunami

6. Kami

Price: $2–$3

We’re staying in Japan with Kami—a Galil skin that’ll make your rifle look like the pages of a Japanese manga. The exact layout of the drawings depends on the pattern number of the skin, though unlike the Five-Seven version, the Galil Kami skin doesn’t have any rare or particularly interesting patterns to watch out for. Still, a must-have for any manga fans out there! For similar skins, check out our guide to the best anime and Japanese skins in CS2

Open cases with Galil AR | Kami

7. Sugar Rush

Price: $40–$72

If you’re into vibrant, colorful skins, you’ll love Sugar Rush. It blends vivid shades of blue with neon pink in checkered and striped patterns, which makes it one of the most eye-catching skins in the game. No blending in with this one, that’s for sure. 

Open cases with Galil AR | Sugar Rush

8. Firefight

Price: $0.35–$2.50

The colors and Flavor text for this skin suggest it’s another Phoenix-themed Galil, though Firefight has a more clean-cut, elegant look to it than the urban-looking Galil AR | Connexion (above). Modern and fairly realistic, it’s a great choice for your red CS2 loadout. 

Open cases with Galil AR | Firefight

9. Black Sand

Price: $0.10–$0.50

Not into crazy colors on your weapons? No problem: Black Sand’s got you covered. This design combines classic camo with matte black. If that’s all there was to it, it’d likely be pretty boring, but the skin also features tons of detailed, 3D-style patterns imitating steel mesh and leather, among others. The final result is surprisingly interesting, very realistic, and… super-cheap. What more could we ask for? 

Open cases with Galil AR | Black Sand

10. Orange DDPAT

Price: $14–$52

Okay, we know how some of you feel about DDPAT skins, but hey—they’re not all bad. For some reason, camo and DDPAT patterns work quite well on the Galil, and the orange-and-gray combo of this skin is particularly cool. 

Open cases with Galil AR | Orange DDPAT

11. Chatterbox

Price: $8–$82

Things have been calm for too long, so let’s inject some crazy into our list with Chatterbox. Tiger print, skull painting, doodles—it’s pretty much the insanity starter pack. The lower jaw of the skull is painted on the dust cover, by the way. This means that when you shoot, the skull will appear to “chatter”—hence the name of this skin: 

Open cases with Galil AR | Chatterbox

12. Phoenix Blacklight

Price: $38–$66

Phoenix Connexion again, this time with a totally different color scheme. Phoenix Blacklight is covered in Phoenix-themed graffiti, all in purples and pinks that appear to glow, as if under the titular blacklight. If you’re into purple CS2 skins, this one should make you happy. 

Open cases with Galil AR | Phoenix Blacklight

13. Cerberus

Price: $12–$75

At long last, something for Custom Paint Job fans. Cerberus features… well, Cerberus, the giant three-headed dog from Greek myths, whom you may also remember from a superbly annoying boss fight in Devil May Cry 3 if you’re old like me. 

Anyway, the skin features a cool-looking Cerberus on a toxic-yellow-green background with a nuclear hazard pattern so beloved by Counter-Strike for some reason. Among the (surprisingly) few Custom Paint Job Galil skins, it’s definitely the most striking option. 

Open cases with Galil AR | Cerberus

14. Vandal

Price: $0.50–$1.60

Reminiscent of M4A1-S | Flashback (and the other Flashback skins), Vandal has an army-green background covered with bits of writing and doodles that clearly go for the deranged/losing it aesthetic. Look closely, and you’ll find a skull and crossbones symbol, a heart, the bomb code, and “don’t take my gun”, among other things. The tape on the grip is a nice touch, as are the bullets painted on the magazine. 

Open cases with Galil AR | Vandal

15. Stone Cold

Price: $1.20–$8

Compare Vandal with Stone Cold, and you’ll see just how much of a difference a skin makes to the look and feel of the same rifle. Stone Cold is simple, clean, and pretty elegant, with different shades of blue and gray making up most of the skin. The extra details here and there, like the white and black logos accents, give Stone Cold a futuristic look. Great choice if you’re into blue CS2 skins

Open cases with Galil AR | Stone Cold

There you have it: the best Galil AR skins in CS2! Here’s hoping you found a new look for your rifle among our top picks. Have fun on Key-Drop and see you on the battlefield! 

KeyDrop Team


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