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The 15 Best P250 Skins in CS2

KeyDrop Team

The P250 is a very versatile pistol. At $300, it’s cheap and can be used as an excellent weapon during the pistol round, an eco beast or a side arm for an AWPer. However you want to use it, it’s a good idea to equip an awesome skin on it. So, here are the best P250 skins in CS2!

1. See Ya Later

Price: $2–$10

Is this… a Steampunk Gator? We suppose it is. (Well actually, it’s a crocodile, since you can see its bottom teeth, so it really should be called See Ya In a While, you see there’s a big diff… we’re going to end this side-rant here.) Either way, this Steampunk Reptile is made up of fun graphical elements and will fit well in with “fun” skins, for lack of a better word. Despite being the only Covert P250, it’s not too expensive, so you’ll be shouting “SEE YA LATER” on eco rounds very soon.

Open cases with P250 | See Ya Later

2. Visions

Price: $2–$10

Alright, what would you get if you allowed a hippie to create CS2 skin? Because Visions is the answer. With a sort of psychedelic, Native American theme and artwork straight from a Grateful Dead album cover.

Open cases with P250 | Visions

3. Asiimov

Price: $2–$20

One of our favorite collections in all of CS, the Asiimov is the cornerstone sci-fi theme of Counter-Strike. If you have other Asiimovs, might as well get this one. It’s futuristic, it’s both clean and used at the same time, and it’s… awesome!

Open cases with P250 | Asiimov

4. Muertos

Price: $4–$9

Inspired by Latin American culture, the Muertos features a centerpiece skull image surrounded by traditional patterns. It’s also red. Very red. And we like it! Check out more red CS2 skins here, by the way.

Open cases with P250 | Muertos

5. Cartel

Price: $5–$17

We stay in Latin America with another skull-themed skin, this time using the Patina finish to create beautiful engravings for a realistic gun that we could see a cartel member use. It’s really clean and we like it!

Open cases with P250 | Cartel

6. Undertow

Price: $36–$60

This one is not Cartel themed, instead it’s connected to water. This blue skin with black accents fits its name and gives a real shine to any blue CS2 skin sets you may have. Definitely a good one.

Open cases with P250 | Undertow

7. Mehndi

Price: $11–$22

The P250 is a source of a lot of traditional designs, and the Mehndi takes us to India for its inspiration. A rusty orange color combined with a flowing pattern make it an interesting addition for anyone looking for a lowkey loadout.

Open cases with P250 | Mehndi

8. Apep’s Curse

Price: $30–$140

From India, we head to Egypt. Apep’s Curse is EXTREMELY gold and features a lot of the classic Egyptian themes we came to expect from the Anubis collection. If you need some ancient shine, this is a great choice.

Open cases with P250 | Apep’s Curse

9. X-Ray

Price: $0.40

Ever wondered what’s inside a gun? The X-Ray skins allow you to figure that out, and the P250 is no different. Although it might be a bit strange when nothing changes during firing or reloading. A fun skin nonetheless.

Open cases with P250 | X-Ray

10. Supernova

Price: $1

This one looks like it’s pulled straight out of Elite: Dangerous. Very fun, space themed and subtly colorful. If you’re looking to add some astronomy to your loadout, this is one of the best ways to go.

Open cases with P250 | Supernova

11. Contaminant

Price: $0.50

If you have trypophobia, AKA an aversion to patters with holes, you might want to sit this one out. The Contaminant shows a decaying gun, being eaten by some sort of disease. It’s an interesting concept that will work for horror lovers, so why not?

Open cases with P250 | Contaminant

12. Cassette

Price: $0.15

If you love the 80s, you’ll love this VHS-inspired skin. What is a VHS, you ask? Basically, it’s what predated DVDs… What are DVDs? Well, you see, before Netflix, we used to store shows and movies on discs that we’d put into a special reader that would show it on TVs. Yeah. And before that, we had tapes that’d we’d use the same way. Weird, right? Either way, the skin’s referencing that and that’s fun!

Open cases with P250 | Cassette

13. Valence

Price: $0.10–$0.70

There’s no shortage of futuristic skins for the P250, and the Valence is a cheap beast of a skin that really puts the vibrancy into the new CS2 graphics engine. We like it, more like that, please.

Open cases with P250 | Valence

14. Whiteout

Price: $26–$180

This one is simple. You need a white gun, a white gun you’ll get. Nothing fancy, just minimalism. If you’re doing that kind of loadout, all the power to you, and get that white paint going. 

Open cases with P250 | Whiteout

15. Wingshot

Price: $1–$5

This one’s a beaut! The Wingshot is a pretty skin with a pretty theme. Once again showing a skull (what is it with P250’s and skulls?). Black and yellow is a nice combination, and this cheap CS2 skin would fit in well with plenty of loadouts. Why not?

Open cases with P250 | Wingshot

Do any of these skins tickle your fancy? Some of them are maybe out of your price range? You can always head to Key-Drop to try your luck at winning some of the more expensive ones. Do you disagree with our choices? Let us know on our socials!

KeyDrop Team


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