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CS2 Gamma Doppler Phases: Full Guide & Prices

KeyDrop Team

Looking to find out more about Gamma Doppler Phases in CS2? Well, here’s your full guide: from the appearance and rarity of each Phase to its value and distinguishing features, we’ll cover everything you need to know. 

The prices provided in this post are approximate and subject to fluctuations over time, so you may notice some differences between the amounts given here and the current market trends. 

Let’s get started! 

What are Gamma Doppler Phases in CS2? 

The Gamma Doppler is a relatively rare skin in Counter-Strike, available for certain knives and for the Glock-18. It can come in several color variations that mix various shades of green with black and a bit of blue. These variations are the Phases of a Gamma Doppler: each Phase includes slightly different proportions of colors from this range. 

There are five Gamma Doppler variations. Phase 1, 2, 3, and 4 knives are of Restricted rarity and feature a mix of colors. The rarest and most expensive Phase is the Emerald—it’s a Classified knife skin that’s 100% green. The Glock-18 | Gamma Doppler is always Covert, regardless of the Phase. 

If you find a Gamma Doppler in a case, you have no influence over (or insight into) what Phase you’ll get—it will just be listed as a “Gamma Doppler”, without the Phase specified.

Gamma Dopplers shouldn’t be confused with the Doppler, which is a different skin altogether, although it works in the same way. The Doppler is the only other skin in the game that features Phases, and it uses primarily shades of black, red, and blue. 

Anyway, here are the different Gamma Doppler Phases: 

Gamma Doppler Phase 1

Rarity: Restricted (Covert for Glock-18) | Colors: black, green

Phase 1 knives are mostly black with a green tint. Some knife types, like the Butterfly or the Bowie, have bright-green accents on the handle or guard. For the Glock, the Phase only affects the slide and the slide release button. The rest of the gun is solid black in every variation. 

Likely because it’s not very vibrant or particularly rare, Phase 1 tends to be on the cheaper side. Knife prices range from around $180 to $3000 depending on the type. 

Gamma Doppler Phase 2

Rarity: Restricted (Covert for Glock-18) | Colors: green, black

Phase 2 is the greenest of the Restricted bunch, looking quite similar to the rare and coveted Emerald. With around 80% green and 20% black, it’s a vibrant finish for most knives. The handle inlays and guard colors tend to be a more toned-down, darker green compared to Phase 1. 

For knives, Phase 2 tends to be the most expensive out of the four Restricted Phases, likely because of its high content of the color green. Knife prices usually range from around $200 to $4200. 

Gamma Doppler Phase 3

Rarity: Restricted (Covert for Glock-18) | Colors: green, black, aqua

Phase 3, fittingly enough, brings a third color into the mix: a light, bright shade of blue variously known as cyan or aqua. 

This muddles the palette somewhat—there’s no dominant color here. Phase 3 tends to be up to a few hundred dollars cheaper than Phase 2 ($180–$4000 for knives). 

Gamma Doppler Phase 4

Rarity: Restricted (Covert for Glock-18) | Colors: green, black, lime

Phase 4 replaces cyan/aqua with lime, resulting in a more vibrant mix. The lime accents on guards and handles really stand out here, and the mix of different shades of green adds depth to the skin. 

Most knives in Phase 4 sport mid-range price tags between around $180 and $3500. 

Gamma Doppler Emerald

Rarity: Classified (Covert for Glock-18) | Colors: green

100% green, the Emerald is by far the most coveted Gamma Doppler out there and one of the most expensive skins in CS2. The blades are all green, the handles have little or no color additions, and the knives look absolutely stunning in the game. 

The prices of Emeralds are equally stunning, though: when buying directly, expect to pay from $550 for the cheapest Shadow Daggers to over $20k for the lowest-float Karambits or Butterfly Knives. 

Gamma Doppler Phases: Prices and Value

When it comes to the value of each Gamma Doppler Phase, we’ve mostly covered that already—but here’s a quick recap:

  • Emeralds are by far the most expensive for all knife types. 
  • Phase 2 is the most expensive of the Restricted Phases (1–4) for just about every knife. 
  • Phases 1 and 3 tend to be on the cheaper side, and Phase 4 falls somewhere in the middle, but it all depends on the specific knife type and current market trends. 

So, while Doppler knives have strong trends in terms of Phase prices, Gamma Dopplers are more unpredictable, with smaller differences in price between Phases 1–4. 

The cheapest Gamma Doppler knives include the Gut Knife ($230–$1000), Shadow Daggers ($180–$1500), and the Bowie Knife ($360–$2500). The most expensive knives are the usual suspects: M9 Bayonet ($1300–$15,000), Karambit ($1700–$20,000+), and Butterfly Knife ($2000–$20,000+). 

As for the Glock-18, we’ve neglected it a little so far—mostly because there’s not that much to say. Prices for a Factory New Glock-18 | Gamma Doppler range from $50 to $200 in Phases 1–4, reaching between $500–$2000 for the Emerald. 

Other Factors Affecting Value

The Phase is not the only factor affecting the price, and there will be plenty of exceptions to what’s expected. Knives with a particularly low float (0.000XXXX) can cost several times their market price, as can those with rare patterns. Minimum Wear knives can be just as expensive (or more, even) than their FN counterparts due to their rarity: the float range for knives is 0.00–0.08, which makes MW knives a relatively rare find. 

The Glock has a larger float range of up to 0.50, which makes it available in all wear conditions and most valuable in Factory New. If you see a particularly expensive Glock Gamma Doppler skin, that’s likely because it has valuable stickers.  

How to Get Gamma Doppler Skins

If you can afford it, the quickest and surest way of getting the Gamma Doppler you want, in a Phase of your choosing, is to simply buy it from the Steam Community Market or another platform. Even the rarest Emerald phase is easily available for all knife types, so supply is definitely not an issue… but the price tags are the problem for most of us. That’s where cases come in. 

Buying CS2 Cases

A much cheaper method of getting a Gamma Doppler is unboxing it from a case, but, as you probably know, there are a couple of issues here. First, your chances of getting a Gamma Doppler knife from an official CS2 case are… not ideal, to say the least. The exact odds haven’t been made public, but it’s generally accepted that you have a 0.26% chance of dropping a knife from a case (this means opening almost 400 cases, on average, to drop one knife). That’s any knife: the chances of getting a Gamma Doppler, specifically, are even lower. 

Still, it has been done, and if you have a bit of cash to spend and luck on your side, go for it. You can find Gamma Doppler knives in both of the Gamma Cases, as well as Dreams and Nightmares and Operation Riptide. Here’s an overview of the knives in each case: 

Knife TypeDreams & Nightmares Case
Operation Riptide Case
Gamma Case
Gamma 2 Case
Bowie Knife
Butterfly Knife
Falchion Knife
Flip Knife
Gut Knife
Huntsman Knife
M9 Bayonet
Shadow Daggers
Cases with Gamma Doppler skins in CS2

If you’re going to buy these cases only to hunt for a Gamma Doppler, don’t waste your money on Operation Riptide. It’s been discontinued, which drove its prices much higher than average (over $5 without the key at the time of writing). The Dreams and Nightmares case contains the same knives and currently costs only around $0.75.

Also, you’ll notice that the Glock is missing from that table: currently, it’s not included in any of the official CS2 cases. You can get it on Key-Drop, though—visit the Glock-18 | Gamma Doppler product page to see which cases have a chance of dropping one.  

For more tips and info on cases, check out our guide to the best cases to open in CS2—and if you’re after a Butterfly Knife, we have a post listing all the cases that contain Butterfly Knives in CS2

Opening Key-Drop Cases with Gamma Doppler Skins

Not thrilled with the odds of getting a Gamma Doppler from a CS2 case? Don’t blame you—it takes lots of patience, money, and even more luck. Key-Drop offers a more straightforward alternative, with tons of cases containing Gamma Doppler skins, often at much better odds. Check out the Knives Case—it includes several Gamma Dopplers, with odds as high as 0.853%! For a cheaper option, consider the Token Case: it contains the Butterfly Knife | Gamma Doppler, which, if you recall, can be worth up to $20k. 

Click the link for a knife that interests you in the table above—you’ll see the product page listing all Key-Drop cases with a chance of dropping that specific Gamma Doppler knife type. If nothing else, with Key-Drop you know the exact odds up-front and don’t have to factor in the price of keys!

Anyway, that’s all—now you’re pretty much an expert on Gamma Dopplers. Check out our corresponding post on CS2 Doppler Phases if you haven’t already, and have fun on Key-Drop!

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