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Egyptian Skins in CS2: Full Egyptian Inventory

KeyDrop Team

Ancient Egypt is a surprisingly common theme among CS2 skins… and not just in the Anubis collection, although to be fair, that is where most of the Egyptian skins in CS2 come from. If you’re looking to build an Egypt-themed loadout, here’s your guide: below, you’ll find every Egyptian skin in the game, along with prices, cases, and other useful information. Let’s get started!

Pistols: CS2 Egyptian Skins

First up, pistols: there are three excellent Egyptian pistol skins to choose from in Counter-Strike. Check them out below. 

Glock-18 | Ramese’s Reach

Price: $4–$17

The Nile, the Pyramids, a pharaoh—you really couldn’t wish for a more quintessentially Egyptian skin. Look closer, and you’ll also find a series of hieroglyphics on the visible part of the magazine and on the underside of the barrel. When buying this skin, go for the Factory New condition if you can—it’s a Custom Paint Job, so much of the paintwork is lost in higher floats. 

The pharaoh depicted on the grip of this Glock is Ramses I (variously spelled Ramese or Ramesses), whose short reign marked the beginning of the 19th dynasty (around 1292–1191 BCE). 

This skin comes from the Egyptian Collection by apel8, as do five (!) other skins on this list (Apep’s Curse, Legion of Anubis, Sobek’s Bite, Mummy’s Rot, ScaraB Rush). 

Open cases with Glock-18 | Ramese’s Reach

P250 | Apep’s Curse

Price: $30–$123

The design of Apep’s Curse uses colors, patterns, and materials that unmistakably bring Ancient Egypt to mind. In the religion of Ancient Egyptians, Apep was the god of darkness and disorder, usually depicted as a giant snake. In this skin, you’ll notice the snake represented in a rather indirect way by the oval shape on the grip—the snake’s head and eyes are visible. 

Apep’s Curse happens to be significantly more expensive than Glock-18 | Ramese’s Reach, but it also “ages” better: it looks decent even in Well-Worn condition ($35). 

You can read more about skin conditions and float in CS2 here, if you need a refresher. 

Open cases with P250 | Apep’s Curse

Tec-9 | Mummy’s Rot

Price: $1–$2

Mummy’s Rot will make your Tec-9 look like, well, a Mummy, with wrappings covered in Ancient Egyptian symbols and imagery. The 3D effect on this one is quite impressive, from the creases in the “bandages” to the glint of gold on the magazine. 

Below the rear sight, the skin’s creator (apel8, again) placed a green-eyed cobra. Nice touch. 

Tec-9 | Mummy's Rot back view

Open cases with Tec-9 | Mummy’s Rot

Assault Rifles: CS2 Egyptian Skins

Whether you’re playing CT or T, you’ll find a cool Egyptian skin for your assault rifle in CS2… though, as usual, some are considerably more expensive than others. 

AK-47 | Legion of Anubis

Price: $5–$21

For once, the AK-47 skin is the cheapest of the bunch (as far as assault rifles go). Legion of Anubis is not only a beautiful skin, but also one you can easily buy for around $20 Factory New. This custom design features a mixture of various Egyptian patterns and imagery, combined into a dark, vibrant skin. 

So, for those of you interested in the meaning of the finer details, let’s figure out what’s going on here. (Or you can skip ahead to the next skin if you couldn’t care less, that’s fine too.) On the body of the rifle, above the magazine, we can see the Ancient Egyptian god Anubis in the form of a jackal (wild dog). In the earlier period of Ancient Egyptian religion, Anubis was considered the lord of the dead, though he later became more of a god of the afterlife and of funerary practices. His connection to the Underworld is shown in the skin on the magazine: Anubis is reaching out to blue specters, his undead Legion, as in the skin’s name. 

Behind Anubis, you’ll notice a golden bird-like figure—that’s Ra, god of the Sun and the ruler of all Egyptian gods. So, both visually and conceptually, this part of the skin shows the conflict between life (Ra) and death (Anubis), or light and darkness. 

As for the other elements of this design, there’s also a mummy on the stock of the rifle, with one glowing red eye. According to the creator of this skin, apel8, it represents a priest of Anubis. Since Anubis was the god of funerals and embalming, his priests were the ones responsible for preparing bodies for burial, including mummification. 

On the grip, there is a figure of an Egyptian person, supposed to be worshiping the gods depicted on the rifle. The forend is covered in hieroglyphics, and there’s also an eye symbol on the part of the rifle that’s called a sight block (pun intended, I’d imagine). 

Bet you weren’t expecting to read a dissertation on a CS2 skin today, eh? Moving on!

Open cases with AK-47 | Legion of Anubis

M4A4 | Eye of Horus

Price: $176–$970

Created by Valve, Eye of Horus is a lot simpler than Legion of Anubis, though just as interesting. White and gold dominate in this design, with other colors appearing slightly muted, resembling an old wall painting. 

According to the name and the skin’s in-game description, the skin depicts Horus, the Ancient Egyptian god of healing, protection, sun, and sky, in the form of a falcon. If you wanted to be picky, though (and I always do), the red sun disk with a snake above the hawk’s head would mean that this is actually Ra, the king of gods. Even though both gods were depicted as hawks, the sun disk with the cobra (Uraeus, symbol for the goddess Wadjet, for those who wish to know) is an attribute of Ra, not Horus. Horus was painted with a crown above his head. 

Anyway, Ra or Horus, this skin is pretty expensive, regularly exceeding 900$ for Factory New. If Eye of Horus is beyond your budget, try opening cases on Key-Drop, there are always plenty that contain this skin!

Open cases with M4A4 | Eye of Horus

FAMAS | Waters of Nephthys

Price: $30–$133

This one’s Egyptian mostly by name, but that counts too, doesn’t it? Nephthys was one of the most important Ancient Egyptian goddesses, worshiped pretty much throughout the entire centuries-long existence of the Ancient Egyptian religion. She has a complicated history and symbolism, but in general, she’s considered the goddess of air and a protector of the dead. 

The skin itself is rather simple, though made interesting by the fact that the aqua-blue pattern shifts and shimmers as lighting changes, giving the impression of light reflexes on water. 

As you can see from the above video, Waters of Nephthys definitely looks its best in low floats. That said, it looks okay in Field-Tested condition, which costs under $50. 

Open cases with FAMAS | Waters of Nephthys

Sniper Rifles: CS2 Egyptian Skins

We had a cheap AK-47 skin above, and now it’s time for another miracle surprise: Egyptian skins for sniper rifles in CS2 are among the cheapest of the lot. I know, right? Let’s take a look. 

SSG 08 | Azure Glyph

Price: $0.20–$0.80

Water again, this time in a more layered design. Azure Glyph is one of the more unusual Scout designs, and it even made our list of the best SSG 08 skins in CS2 earlier this year. It features a water-blue background, against which bronze hieroglyphics clearly stand out. 

The old “wood” that runs the length of the rifle is quite realistic and goes well with the other elements of this design. The only drawback is the default scope: the skin would’ve looked much better and more cohesive had Valve applied a similar pattern there. Still, for under $1, it’s a great Egyptian skin. 

Open cases with SSG 08 | Azure Glyph

AWP | Black Nile

Price: $2–$6

Another water-themed skin, and another entry that’s mostly name-based. Still, we couldn’t pass up a Nile-themed skin in an Egyptian skin round-up, right? The longest river in the world, the Nile is a key symbol of Egyptian culture, even though the river flows through plenty of other countries as well. You won’t find a Black Nile on the map, but interestingly, the Blue Nile and White Nile are real rivers—they’re the two main tributaries of the Nile. 

Back to the skin. Simple and elegant, Black Nile features a silver pattern, reminiscent of swirling water, against a black background. The pattern has also been likened to a topographical map. It’s a good, inexpensive choice, especially given that cheap AWP CS2 skins are a rare sight. 

Open cases with AWP | Black Nile

SMGs: CS2 Egyptian Skins

It’s walk… uh, run-and-gun like an Egyptian time! Here are two Egyptian-themed skins for your SMGs. By the way, you’ll sometimes see MAC-10 | Rangeen listed as an Egyptian skin—but according to its creator (and the style of its patterns), it references India and Pakistan, not Ancient Egypt. These are definitely Egyptian, though: 

PP-Bizon | Judgement of Anubis

Price: $4–$10

Definitely one of the best PP-Bizon skins in CS2, Judgement of Anubis shows the god of the afterlife and burials in his jackal form once again, though this time in a different art style. Swirling circular patterns come together as a dark background for Anubis, who’s pictured as a jackal wearing the blue-and-yellow headdress of a pharaoh. 

Open cases with PP-Bizon | Judgement of Anubis

P90 | ScaraB Rush

Price: $4–$13

Finally, a pun in the name. ScaraB Rush uses subtler imagery than most of the other Egyptian skins in CS2, relying on the color palette, patterns, and materials used to convey the theme of Ancient Egypt. And of course, the symbol of the scarab beetle. 

Scarabs are dung beetles—the ones you see rolling balls of dung across deserts in nature documentaries. In the religion of Ancient Egypt, they held an important role as symbols of rebirth and growth. Why? Step into the nerd corner with me again: their habit of rolling those dung balls made them a symbol of Khepri, the god of the morning sun. Khepri was believed to roll the sun across the sky every day, just as the beetles rolled their, uh, cargo. There’s a little more to the story, but let’s not turn this into too much of a lecture. (Too late, I know.)

Open cases with P90 | ScaraB Rush

Shotguns: CS2 Egyptian Skins

Last but not least: shotguns, with a total of three Egyptian-themed skins. Here they all are:

Nova | Sobek’s Bite

Price: $4–$14

Just like ScaraB Rush, Sobek’s Bite conveys the theme of Ancient Egypt through style rather than illustration. The combination of gold and black with blue and red gemstones for decoration works very well and makes the shotgun look like something that could have come out of Tutankhamen’s tomb. (If, you know, it wasn’t a shotgun.)

A close look reveals two Ancient-Egyptian symbols above the trigger: the head of a crowned crocodile, representing Sobek, and an eye, similar to the Eye of Horus. Sobek was the crocodile god who represented fertility, among other things, and was believed to be the creator of the Nile. 

Open cases with Nova | Sobek’s Bite

XM1014 | Entombed

Price: $3–$9

Made to resemble a recently unearthed Ancient Egyptian relic, Entombed combines decorated “stone” with blue fabric wrapping. The Karnak Temple in shotgun form, if you will. This skin won’t suit everyone’s taste: the bright colors, combined with the stone texture, give off a cartoony feel that stands out… whether in a good or a bad way, that’s up to you to decide.  

Open cases with XM1014 | Entombed

XM1014 | Hieroglyph

Price: $0.06–$0.18

The XM1014 is the only weapon in CS2 that has two Egyptian-themed skins, and here’s the second one: the creatively named Hieroglyph. It could be called a calmer, toned down version of Entombed, since it too focuses on a stone-like texture for the background. The “painted” elements are more elegant, however, and the hieroglyphics “carved” into the side of the shotgun actually look quite cool. All for under $0.20. 

Open cases with XM1014 | Hieroglyph

That’s all we have for you today! If any new Egyptian skins appear in the game, we’ll be sure to add them to this list—but until then, the thirteen skins you’ve seen above are all we have to work with in terms of building an Egyptian loadout. Have fun on Key-Drop and see you in the next post!

KeyDrop Team


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