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12 Best MP7 Skins in CS2

KeyDrop Team

With a decent base damage of 29 and good movement accuracy, the MP7 submachine gun is perfect for aggressive, run-and-gun playstyles. If that sounds like you, start by choosing the perfect skin! Here are the best MP7 skins in CS2, with prices starting at under $1. 

1. Abyssal Apparition

Price: $1–$9

First up, Abyssal Apparition, which has a color palette reminiscent of the Weird West aesthetic and, according to its creator, “depicts abandoned souls falling into a pit of nightmares”. Patterns and shapes in this design are slightly off-set, creating a disorienting effect similar to that of Chromatic Aberration (AWP and Galil AR) and SSG 08 | Parallax skins. 

Open cases with MP7 | Abyssal Apparition

2. Bloodsport

Price: $1–$4

Between the red, white, and black color combo and ample details and logos, it’s literally impossible to mistake a Bloodsport skin for anything else. The design is inspired by racing and extreme sports, including the sponsor logos you’d see on race cars. Fun fact: scanning the QR code (above the trigger) from this skin will take you to blog.counter-strike.net

Open cases with MP7 | Bloodsport

3. Armor Core

Price: $0.20

This skin is not affiliated in any way with the Armored Core game series… but with its modern, utilitarian look, it easily could be. Combining black with brushed steel, Armor Core is sleek, simple, and perfect for any loadout, from military-style weapon sets to science-fiction. And it only costs around 20 cents.

Open cases with MP7 | Armor Core

4. Guerrilla

Price: $0.35–$1.60

Though the MP7 is available for both sides in CS2, it’s arguably more of a T-side gun, since it’s perfect for the all-guns-blazing approach many Ts take. And Guerrilla is definitely a T-side skin, with a rugged, well, guerrilla-style look. Combine it with a Guerrilla Warfare CS2 agent skin, and you’re good to go. 

Open cases with MP7 | Guerrilla

5. Nemesis

Price: $5–$14

This is a cool one. Nemesis is a Custom Paint Job-style skin that features a synthetic monster reminiscent of something that’d try to kill you in the Destiny universe. It’s worth shelling out for the Factory New version (it’s only around $14, anyway) to appreciate this design in full.

Open cases with MP7 | Nemesis

6. Cirrus

Price: $0.15–$0.60

The MP7 lends itself very well to futuristic, sci-fi-style designs, and Cirrus is the ideal proof of concept here. The simple combo of metallic blue with dark gray, with some small white accents, comes together in a simple-yet-detailed, modern design. Perfect choice if you’re into blue CS2 skins.

Open cases with MP7 | Cirrus

7. Powercore

Price: $0.60–$4

A skin that makes your MP7 look like a power tool? Why not! The shape of the MP7 actually works really well for this purpose, and the green-and-yellow skin is pretty successful in making your SMG resemble a hammer drill. 

If you like green CS2 skins or this particular look, you can get a matching SCAR-20 | Powercore, though in all honesty, the power tool gimmick makes a lot less visual sense with a sniper rifle.

Open cases with MP7 | Powercore

8. Whiteout

Price: $12–$700

White out is… white. That’s it, really. 

Oh, and it’s also expensive, especially for something that can be described in one word. The float range for this skin starts at 0.06, which goes some way to explain the insane prices of Factory New Whiteouts: they’re relatively rare, seeing as Minimal Wear condition starts at 0.07 (read more about CS2 float here if you’re not sure what we’re going on about). 

If you like this skin but don’t want to spend upwards of $600 on it, don’t worry: Minimal Wear Whiteouts cost much less. You’re looking at around $90 on Steam and less still on third-party markets. 

Open cases with MP7 | Whiteout

9. Special Delivery

Price: $1.40–$4

Special Delivery is a skin from Coridium, who also brought us the Asiimov and Decimator collections, along with a bunch of other awesome skins. This one is inspired by military correspondence, using the colors, watermarks, and stamps you’d expect to find in classified documents.

Though Factory New showcases these details most clearly, the skin looks interesting in high floats, too: 

Open cases with MP7 | Special Delivery

10. Urban Hazard

Price: $0.25

Camo patterns don’t get much love among Counter-Strike fans, perhaps because they tend to appear on the cheapest, most common skins. The camo on Urban Hazard works very well, though, especially with the orange accents. Simple, solid, affordable skin. 

Open cases with MP7 | Urban Hazard

11. Neon Ply

Price: $1.10–$6

Neon Ply features just about every color under the sun, squeezed into a wood-grain pattern. If you’re looking to blend in, this skin won’t help you much—and that’s just as well, since the MP7 really isn’t a blending-in kind of gun. 

Open cases with MP7 | Neon Ply

12. Anodized Navy

Price: $0.50

For minimalists who aren’t into Whiteout, here’s another option: the dark-blue, chrome-based Anodized Navy. Keep it clean for a sleek, elegant look, or use it as a backdrop to showcase your best stickers.

Open cases with MP7 | Anodized Navy

That’s all: you’ve seen the best MP7 skins in CS2. Most of them are very affordable, but for those that fall outside your budget, try winning them on Key-Drop! And if you’re still undecided on which SMG to pick, check out our CS2 MP5 vs. MP7 comparison guide next. 

KeyDrop Team


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