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How to End Warmup in CS2: Best Commands to Skip Warmup

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The warmup stage in Counter-Strike has its purpose: it’s a kind of waiting area, designed to keep you occupied while everyone’s connections stabilize and empty player slots get filled. But if waiting’s not your thing, here’s how to end warmup in CS2 using console commands. Skip warmup and jump right into the action! 

CS2 End Warmup Command

The only way to end warmup in CS2 is by using a console command. So, the first step is to ensure you’ve turned on the developer console in your game (Settings → Game → Set “Enable Developer Console” to “Yes”). 

Open the console during warmup using the tilde [~] key and type in: 


…and that’s it, really—warmup should end immediately. If you want to end it with a delay or condition, keep reading for additional commands. 

Command to End Warmup on a Timer

You can end warmup in CS2 after a certain number of seconds have elapsed. This could be useful if you want to give your team a set amount of time to get ready. 

Use this command, replacing # with the number of seconds until the end of warmup: 

mp_warmuptime #

For example, to end warmup after 5 minutes (so, 300 seconds), you’d go with the following: 

mp_warmuptime 300

End Warmup Once Enough Players Join

The warmup stage is there partly to allow time for players to join. If you skip warmup after a certain amount of time, you could end up with empty slots. To avoid this, it’s possible to end warmup once a specified number of players have joined. 

Here’s the command—replace # with the required number of players, including yourself: 

mp_endwarmup_player_count #

For example, to end warmup once 6 players including you are ready, type in: 

mp_endwarmup_player_count 6

How to Skip Warmup Offline

Playing offline against bots? Then you most likely don’t need the warmup round at all. To turn it off entirely when playing offline, use this command: 

mp_do_warmup_offline 0

This will disable warmup in offline games until you restart CS2. You can also turn it on again with another command: 

mp_do_warmup_offline 1

It’s as simple as that. Now you have full control over the length of your warmup rounds—enjoy your warmup-less matches! For more tips on using commands to improve your gameplay experience, check out our CS2 launch options guide, CS2 autoexec tutorial, and instructions on how to show FPS during gameplay. Have fun!

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